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About Me

I am the lead pastor of Church of the Highlands in Chattanooga, TN, an adjunct professor at Liberty University and Midwestern Seminary, and author of several books.

I help people, just like you, succeed in life by resourcing you about leadership, church growth, creativity, and vision.

I love Jesus, my wife, and my two daughters. I like the Dallas Cowboys.

Latest Book

Favor is something we all want and often struggle to attain. If anyone had an excuse to lack confidence in life and give in to the horrible things around him, Joseph was that guy. From being abandoned by family to being used by someone intimately interested in him, the odds were against him. In this book by prolific author, Dr. Jeremy Roberts, you will learn about the life of Joseph to see how to focus on God through tough times and have confidence in the Lord.

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  • Increase your attendance this weekend tip #6: Have a church t-shirt blitz.Everyone wears a church shirt on same day
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