This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Dear Church Family,


There is a lot going on right now at Church of the Highlands!



Palm Sunday is this Sunday. Make sure you come to church to partake in the Lord’s Supper with our church family. You can click here to read Matthew 21:1-11 to read about Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem.



Invite tons of people to Easter! One simple way is to take the invite cards passed out at the end of this services and give them to your friends. Another thing to do is use the special “Easter at The Highlands” profile picture (pictured above) on your social networks. Furthermore, go ahead and call or text someone right now to invite them. Don’t procrastinate . . . do it now!


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.50.36 AM

Purchase a copy of Dream Home: 7 Keys to Spiritual Growth in Your Family. The cost is $10 and royalties go toward our Greater Things building fund. A book signing will take place after all three services next weekend. Each chapter in the book is a manuscript of what I will preach throughout the series. Topics include your future, past, community, marriage, personal finances, parenting, and physical health.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,



We are just three weeks away from Easter! Time is soon coming to experience the most influential weekend our church has for the entire year. Please make sure you are thinking thoroughly about whom you are going to invite. You can click here to learn different ways to invite people to Easter at Church of the Highlands.



Since Easter is so vital, we need to make sure our church campus is in tip-top shape. This Saturday, we have a big work day to accomplish that goal. Click here to see everything we will do on the work day. See you at 9:00 a.m. (rain or shine) on Saturday!



Last Sunday, I preached the first of a two-part message on signs of the end times. If you missed church last Sunday, please watch my sermon on the preaching page so you will have a clearer perspective for this Sunday’s message. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this series . . . after just one week. Make sure you come this Sunday to hear this powerful message on the end times!


I love you, Highlands family!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,


Praise God for an awesome Student Sunday we had last weekend! I praise God for our students, our student ministry volunteers, and Student Pastor Rick McKnight. Pastor Rick’s sermon was great last Sunday! Click here to see it.


As we have had more school closings here in Hamilton County the last few weeks than we could ever imagine, this weekend is a better time than ever before to get out of the house and get to church!


Here are three key things for which to be prepared as we move into the weekend . . .



 New Series: FUTURIST

I am so excited to kick-off this new series on the end times. This Sunday’s message will be one of the most interesting sermons for which I have ever prepared. Trust me, you need to be here for me to tell you about the future!





I know. I know. This is the time change most of us despise. Here’s the positive perspective: You get to come to church an hour sooner! I really hope you’ll do everything you can to wake up early and get to church on time!





As most of you know, I’m a Liberty University alumnus. I love my alma mater. One of my friends in the worship department there contacted me and said that one of their best bands is on tour and they had a free date on March 8th. I can’t believe we get to have Crimson Flood leading worship for us in both the 9:15 blended service and 10:45 contemporary service!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Invite People to Easter at Church of the Highlands!

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Dear Church Family,


Easter weekend will be here in just one month.  It is the biggest weekend of the year for our church!  People are more likely to attend church for Easter than any other time.


I want the entire church to band together in dedication to “Being Bringers.” Bring people to church with you this Easter weekend. The helicopter Easter egg drop and fun activities all take place on Saturday, April 4th, 4:30–6:00. Our services are Saturday, April 4th, at 6:00 (contemporary); and Sunday, April 5th, at 9:15 (blended) and 10:45 (contemporary).


So, EVERYONE in our church needs to invite people to Easter at The Highlands.


Whom should you invite?

Use the acrostic F-R-A-N as a simple way to know whom to invite: Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors.


I challenge you to target at least 10 people to invite to Easter at The Highlands.


How should you invite people?


·       Selfie: Click here to print this PDF, then take a “selfie” with this advertisement, and post it on your social networks.

·       Social Networks: In addition to the selfie, write out a personal invitation on your social networks and include a link to

·       Text Message

·       Phone Call

·       Bake Cookies: Take your neighbors fresh-baked cookies and leave an Easter card.

·       Hand-Out Literature: At the information table, we will soon have a bunch of Easter postcards (click here to see a PDF of the postcards).  Grab a bunch of them and hand them to a ton of people. Also, grab some of the business-card-sized invite cards, put them in your wallet or purse, and give them out to people.

·       Create an Invite Video On Your Phone: Bust out your smart phone, record an Easter invite video, and share it with your friends.

Here’s an example of one that I made on my computer:

·       Email: Send an email to every person in your contacts and invite them to Easter at The Highlands while also including a link to


When should you invite people?

Invite them today!


All for Jesus,

Dr. Jeremy Roberts, Lead Pastor

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Church Family,


I have heard from several in the church over the last few days about you dealing with forgiveness in one area of your life or another, as a result of last Sunday’s message I preached on that subject. Praise God that the Lord is changing lives at Church of the Highlands! You can watch last Sunday’s sermon below.




This Sunday is STUDENT SUNDAY! Yes, this is the time when our student ministry is leading all aspects of our Sunday morning services this weekend. Whether it’s a greeter, someone serving coffee and tasty treats, taking up the offering, preaching, or leading musical worship, they’re doing EVERYTHING! Our church had two teenagers when I became pastor, and now we have so many students that they can lead the entire Sunday morning. Praise God for our growth, and the leadership of Student Pastor Rick McKnight.




I am kicking-off my new series, FUTURIST, one week from Sunday. I just finished writing the first message for this series, and I can’t wait to deliver it as we study the end times and Revelation together. Please make sure you come to church all four Sundays during this series.


easter2015 EASTER

Lastly, Easter is just five weeks away. Our plethora of activities is detailed in the video below. It’s going to be awesome!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Church Family!


I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful, snowy day.



I hope that as you may cozy up to the fire some time today, you will take some time to get into the Word of God and allow the riches of His love to soak over your soul. Here are some verses I encourage you to memorize and/or study in your personal time with God this week:


  • Ephesians 4:32
  • Luke 6:31
  • Romans 3:23
  • John 3:16
  • Romans 8:28
  • Philippians 4:8
  • Psalm 19:14
  • Proverbs 3:5–6
  • Mark 12:30


This Sunday, as we are in-between sermon series, I am preaching about forgiveness from Psalm 103:1–5. I can’t wait to teach you about this powerful message! Then, the following Sunday, March 1st, our student ministry is leading the entire Sunday morning experience in both services. It’s going to be awesome!


I love you, church family!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy


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This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Praise God for such a successful ONE DAY this past Sunday. The Holy Spirit stirred in people’s hearts, our attendance was really strong, and our people were weeping together while seeking the face of God.


On a personal note, I am nearly healed from the flu. If you’ve ever had the flu, then you know it just knocks you down hard. I’m grateful for my beautiful wife who forced me to go to the doctor, and has taken care of me while I’ve been under the weather.


As this weekend is the time for Valentine’s Day, I am teaching a message on the love of God, from 1 John 4. I am so ready to get back in the pulpit this weekend and hope you will come to The Highlands as I preach this message!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy


p.s. You can check out one of the songs from this past Sunday and Eric’s sermon below:

This Sunday is ONE DAY!

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This Sunday is HUGE for us, and I need everyone to help Church of the Highlands move to the next level in seeking revival from the Lord. This Sunday is ONE DAY!


One Day is a strategic time where we’re hoping to see as many people as possible come to Church of the Highlands to experience ONE DAY of a revival meeting. This Sunday, I am asking everyone in the church to prioritize coming on this one day. One Day is vital for our revival emphasis we’ve had these first 40 days of 2015. In addition to you coming this Sunday to One Day, I’m also asking you to bring at least one person to One Day. I hope you’d bring way more than one person, but I’d love to see you bring at least one person. A clear Gospel message will be proclaimed this Sunday morning, and we are begging God to send revival on that day.


This Sunday evening, at 6:30, we will have a service where we will focus on the Lord through prayer, fasting, repenting, expecting God to move, and hopefully experiencing His downpour upon our church. We will have a night of prayer, musical worship, communion, and baptism. In the morning, it’s a time of outreach, and the evening is a time of upreach.


Please, I plead with you, come to church this Sunday morning at 9:15 or 10:45, then come a second time on Sunday night at 6:30.


Take your One Day invite cards and hand them out to people!


There are two things I hope you will remember for One Day: (1) You need to be here this Sunday, both in the morning and evening! (2) You need to invite a ton of people to come with you, and make sure at least one person is coming with you!


Seeking Revival from the Holy Spirit,



p.s. I encourage you to talk about One Day on your social networks and use the hashtag #1DayCOH.

40 Days of Revival, Day 4: Revival and Mercy

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Day 4 | Revival and Mercy


If you want to view the remaining 40 days of devotions, then I encourage you to buy my book40 Days of Revival.


Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy. (Proverbs 28:13)


As Solomon wrote these wise words, he made the point that cover-ups of your sin never work in the end. After all, Numbers 32:23 notes that your sins will find you out. In other words, you’ll eventually get caught. Own up to your transgressions now and stop covering them. Ask God to forgive you. Ask those against whom you have sinned to forgive you.


If you go through this process today, you will obtain mercy, according to Proverbs 28:13. If you ignore this admonishment from the Scriptures, a less merciful consequence will fall upon your life when your sin is discovered.


Is there any sin in your life you’ve covered and you need to confess it to the Lord and to those against whom you have sinned? If you want to experience personal revival, repentance MUST take place!


Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, please give me the discipline and boldness to confess any transgressions on my heart so I can prosper for Your glory and receive mercy. Please show me any sins in my heart. I repent of my sins before You, Lord. Please show me Your mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

40 Days of Revival, Day 3: Revival and Repentance

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Day 3 | Revival and Repentance


And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”   (Acts 2:38)


This chapter in Acts marks the beginning of the New Testament church, and revival broke out amongst the people of God. The Apostle Peter encouraged them to repent and then be baptized.


Have you repented of your sins? I don’t mean simply praying a prayer with your words, but truly, deep in your heart, have you turned away from sin through the power of God?


We have a problem today in the American church: Too often, churches model themselves after churches that seem to be growing the fastest simply for the sake of pragmatism instead of modeling themselves after the biblical model in Acts 2.


I once heard a story about Wayne Cordeiro who spoke of a time he built a fence. He was told that every time he cut a new wooden fence post, he needed to measure it against the first post, and not simply against the most recent one he put in the ground (the lazy way to do it). Unfortunately for Wayne, he did not follow the instructions. What resulted was a fence with a bunch of posts that were different lengths, and it looked awful . . . nothing like the original plan.


This is what we have done in the American church.  We have begun modeling churches after other 21st century congregations instead of after the Acts 2 ekklesia.  If you want to be a part of an Acts 2 church, you must do what Peter commanded in Acts 2:38: repent and be baptized.


Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, I repent of any sin in my heart. I pray for you to especially cleanse and forgive me of any habitual sins. Also, I pray for everyone who attends the church where I am a member who has not been baptized to do so really soon. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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