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6 Things Churched People Should Do to Make Others Feel Welcome This Easter Weekend

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Easter weekend is just a few days away.  This is the most opportune time for you to invite un-churched and de-churched people to experience worship at your church.  What should you do to make them feel welcome once they arrive?


1. Park Far Away from the Worship Center


I know its kind of a game to always try to find the best parking space wherever you go.  I get it.  I do it.  Even at the fitness center, I always try to get the closest space to the door.  However, this should not be the case at church . . . especially Easter weekend.


I want guests to show up and have as few obstacles as possible.  A first impressions and parking team will try to point guests into special guest parking, but sometimes guests want to simply park in another open space.  You can create more optimal spaces by intentionally parking far from the church building(s).


2. Intentionally Look for Guests & Sit with Them


This Easter weekend, I encourage you to intentionally walk around your church and look for people you don’t know.  Don’t just sit where you always sit.  Have you and your family sit with this other person and their family.  This way, they have a point person with whom they connect.


3. Smile, Look Guests in the Eye, and Shake their Hands


Don’t just say “hello” during the greeting time of a service, but intentionally look them in the eye, shake their hands, and be genuinely interested in them.  Don’t look over their shoulder to see who else is there, but lock into that one guest.  You want them to feel welcome and feel special.


4. Ask Open-Ended Questions & Don’t Just Talk About Yourself


Ask them about their family, what they do for a living, and ask what that job is like.  Ask if they have a church home right now.  Ask how they learned about your church.


If you just talk about yourself for three or four minutes, they’ll begin wondering if the church is selfish.  Ask open-ended questions while not being too intrusive (questions that can’t be answered with a “yes” or “no”) and ask follow-up questions.


5. Encourage Them to Fill-Out A Connection Card & Get A Gift from the Church


Whatever your church calls “connection cards,” that’s what I call them.  They’re the cards that have people fill-out their info to let the church know they visited.  Encourage guests to fill-out the card.  Do I mean that you should go out of your way to ask them if they filled-out a card?  Yes, I do.  This card is really important for the church.


We try so hard to get people to show-up, and we want to work hard at following up with them.  At many churches, including Church of the Highlands, we offer free gifts to guests to encourage them to fill-out cards.


Encourage guests with whom you connect to fill-out a card, put it in the offering basket, and to get a free gift from the church.


6. Talk Positively About Your Church and its Impact in Both Your Life and the Community


These guests are coming because they are searching for something or someone to change their life.  Talk about how the ministries of your church have changed your (and your family’s) life.  Talk about how your church serves the community for God’s glory.  Stay positive.


If your church has a bunch of drama, the last thing you need to do is begin talking church politics with some dude trying to figure out if Jesus is real, and he starts hearing an argument about whether or not the church should have committees or something.  Speak positively about how God is moving in your church!


Do you have any other suggestions of how churched people can make others feel welcome this Easter weekend?

Image credit: link

Missional or Attractional Evangelism? Both!

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My friend, DeAndre, who received Jesus yesterday!

Yesterday, I saw a beautiful evangelistic collision.  I saw one teenager come to Jesus Christ as his savior, and saw tons of people in our church pound the pavement around our community to invite people to our upcoming helicopter Easter egg drop and three Easter worship services.


In my message yesterday morning, I briefly explained what is missional evangelism, and what is attractional evangelism.  I have sat in PhD seminars with theologians-in-training debating back and forth about the two strategies, and I have always straddled the fence on this.  Christians should do both.


What does it look like to be missional?


To give you a simple idea of what is a missional ministry, check out this video:

At our church, we live out this missional lifestyle by doing things like . . .


  • Painting the offices at a local school
  • Serving meals to teachers to tell them we appreciate them
  • Taking food to local police and fire stations
  • Hosting in-service meetings for local schools while serving them a delicious meal and giving each of them an encouraging, hand-written note
  • Throwing a big “kick-off” party for our local high school’s football team
  • Hosting and serving at the football team’s banquet
  • Serving Gatorade to the local school’s teams at practices
  • The list goes on and on


The young man, DeAndre, who came to Christ at our church yesterday, initially came to our church as a result of our missional ministry to the local high school’s football team.  He started coming last August, and received Jesus eight months later.


What does it look like to be attractional?


Attractional ministry involves throwing events at your church and marketing it heavily, and encouraging as many people as possible to show up and attend the event.  You’re seeking to attract them to your church campus for an event.  Then, in the midst of the event, the Gospel is shared.


At our church, we live out this attractional ministry model by doing things like . . .


  • Helicopter Easter Egg Drop (spring)
  • Fall Festival (autumn)
  • Pool Parties at Our Church’s Pool (summer)
  • Christmas Parties (winter)


Yesterday, as tons of people knocked on doors to invite our community to Easter weekend at The Highlands, I saw folks living out this attractional ministry model.


You don’t have to choose between missional or attractional ministry.  I’ve seen God use both to expand His kingdom.  What matters most is that you have some form of evangelism strategy, and you’re doing whatever you can to reach your community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ!

Four Tips to Help You Relax

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A View from Bear Trace at Harrison Bay Golf Club This Week


For some reason, most pastors I know have a hard time relaxing.  I do, too.  I once attended a conference where Johnny Hunt addressed this, and he hit the nail on the head.


Hunt said that one day, on a Saturday afternoon early in his ministry, he ran into some church members at a shopping mall, and he felt guilty.  He felt like he should always be ministering to someone, and not just walking around a mall.


Honestly, I have struggled with this.  For some reason, though, the Lord has begun to allow me to relax more.  I used to rarely relax.  Relaxing is not laziness.  Relaxing is healthy.  As I reflect about a more relaxed life, here are four things I’ve learned and am seeking to implement:


1. Work Hard When You Work


It is a lot easier to relax when you know you have worked hard.  Plus, you don’t have a bunch of extra projects looming over your life if you work hard while at work.


This means you get to work early.  You don’t piddle around the water cooler and dibble dabble all over social networks.  Learn your responsibilities at work.  Compile your task list.  Execute your tasks.


It is biblical to work hard.  Colossians 3:23–24 says, 23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.


2. Take A Day Off


Just as it is biblical to work hard, it is biblical to take a day off.  Jesus made the sabbath for man.  He said in Mark 2:27, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”


This means that on your day off, take the day off.  Don’t work from your phone all day.  Take the day off.


3. Get A Hobby


This has been really key for my ability to relax.  I golf.  I played 9 holes last week and played 9 holes this week.  It takes me 90–120 minutes to play 9 holes.  The golf in and of itself has caused me to be more relaxed, generally, in life.


I think having an outlet to get away has just freed my spirit of relaxing.  It has really helped me.  Whatever hobby you get, I encourage you to get one.  You could fish, run, golf, mountain bike, scrapbook, or whatever.


4. Strategically Think of Your Family


It is better for your family if you learn to relax.  If you’re working too much, or don’t have the discipline to say “no,” I hope this post will help you to think more strategically about your family.  If you’re on your day off, and you think of something you need to do at work, just write yourself a note that you have a new task, but delay it (if at all possible) so you can guard your family time.


My family is more important to me than the church I pastor.  I need to prove it through my actions.  Think of your job and your family.  Are your actions showing your family is a higher or lower priority than your job?


Now, take a chill pill and relax.

8 Ways to Invite People to Easter at Your Church

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This Sunday, I am passing-out a piece of paper that is printed double-sided.  One side has the letter below printed on it, and the other side has this printed on it:

Dear Church Family,

Easter weekend will be here in just a few days (April 19th/20th).  It is the biggest weekend of the year for our church!  People are more likely to attend church for Easter than any other time.

The primary way people decide to come to church is if they are invited.  In fact, Dr. Thom Rainer, President/CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, notes in his book The Unchurched Next Door, that “82% of the un-churched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited.”

So, EVERYONE in our church needs to invite people to Easter at The Highlands.

Who should you invite?

Use the acrostic F-R-A-N as a simple way to know who to invite: Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors.

I challenge everyone in the church to target at least ten people to invite to Easter at The Highlands.

8 Ways You Can Invite People to Easter at The Highlands

  • Selfie: Turn this piece of paper over, take a “selfie” with this advertisement (the pic above), and post it on your social networks. Make it your profile pic this week!
  • Social Networks: In addition to the “selfie,” write out a personal invitation on your social network and include a link to
  • Text Message
  • Phone Call
  • Hit the Streets: This Sunday (April 13th), 4–6pm, we will knock on a ton of doors in our community and invite people to Easter at The Highlands.
  • Hand-Out Literature: At the information table, we have a bunch of the light blue rectangular Easter handouts (download here).  Grab a bunch of them and hand them to a ton of people.
  • Share Our Invite Video: (watch below & copy/paste this link:

  • Email: Send an email to every person in your contacts and invite them to Easter at The Highlands while also including a link to

When should you invite people?

It is easy to procrastinate.  Procrastination is for lazy people, and I know Highlanders are not lazy.  Make sure you invite them between today and Friday of next week.

Reaching Our Community, America, and the World for Jesus Christ,

Dr. Jeremy Roberts

Lead Pastor

How to Have A Daily Devotion: Practical Tips for Spiritual Growth

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On a weekly basis, I am writing about practical tips for spiritual growth.  Today, I am writing about how to have a daily devotion.  Sometimes this is referred to as a “quiet time.”


This is how I do my devotions, and it works for me:


Time of Day

Some legalistic person told me when I was a kid that you had to do your devotions in the morning.  I don’t know where this is in the Bible (it’s not in there . . . I looked), but I was taught this random nugget of supposed truth.


I do my devotions in the morning because I’m a morning person and it’s my most undistracted time of the day.  I would think that a stay-at-home mom whose kids are in school may find that special time of quietness a bit later in the morning, after dropping off the kids at school.  It doesn’t matter when you do your devotions—what matters is that you spend consistent time with your Abba Father.



I have a large deck and enjoy sitting in a rocking chair or at our table on the deck when doing my devotions.  It is still a bit too cool in the early mornings to have my devotions outside, so I go into my study at my house.  The point is to find a peaceful place of privacy.


I love to play worship music in the background while doing my devotions.  Using my iPhone, I usually bust out the Pandora app and let the Hillsong channel trickle all over my earbuds.  Sometimes, however, I just sit in silence.


Often, I eat my breakfast while doing my devotions.  I enjoy drinking coffee sometimes during my devotions, too.  Also, sometimes I burn a candle just to add to my peaceful setting.



I begin my devotions with a time of prayer.  I pray most days with my prayer journal as I write down things the Lord is saying to me, or I am saying to the Lord.  As I pray, I go through the ACTS strategy: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.


I begin by adoring the Lord and expressing my love to Him.  Then, I confess sins or frustrations in my life.  Next, I thank the Lord for blessings He has given me.  Lastly, I pray for others and my own needs and/or wants.  Often, I will pray through a portion of the Scriptures, too.


Bible Study

I know devotional books are really popular, and a lot of them are good.  I plan on writing a devotional book one day.  My wife published a devotional she wrote with some other pastors’ wives (click here to check it out).  Despite all of this, I hardly ever use devotional books.  I’m not against devotional books, but I simply like reading the Bible.


Sometimes, I read mass quantity and other times I read with concentrated quality.  When reading in mass quantity, I go through a Bible reading plan to read the Bible in a year.  Click here for my favorite Bible reading plan.  There are tons of Bible reading plans on  When reading for concentrated quality, I read a few verses and think and pray more deeply about them.


I love my daily time with the Lord. It nourishes my soul.  Do you have thoughts to add about how to have daily devotions?

Image credit: Evangelicals for Social Action (link)

How to Determine the Problems in a Plateaued or Declining Church

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I have such a deep heart to help churches that are in a similar situation to where our church was.  When I first came to Highland Park Baptist Church in downtown Chattanooga, our former church before we re-planted to become a new church called “Church of the Highlands,” I sought to determine the problems of the church.


Some of the problems were apparent: finances, facilities, a negative spirit, lack of trust in the office of the pastor, lack of transparency, pretty much the whole church was old, they were stuck in the past, etc.  However, most of those things were byproducts of more deeply rooted issues.


I made a strategic decision to determine the problems of the church: prayer and discussion meetings.  In these gatherings, I met with every Sunday school class, plus had meetings with those who didn’t attend Sunday school.


In these meetings, I asked three questions:

1) What is the biggest strength of the church?

2) What is the biggest weakness of the church? 

3) How would you describe the current spiritual climate of the church?


During the second question, it was important for me to stand firmly and not let the conversation devolve into a huge concoction of complaining Christians.  Instead, I let people voice their dissent, allowed them to explain it a few minutes, then moved the conversation along if it started to get out of hand.


After meeting with the whole church, it helped the spirit of the church to let people know I cared about what they think.  It also built a sense of hope within the church as we were finally addressing the problems at hand.


At each of the meetings, I took copious notes and, for the most part, noticed several consistent themes that were problems in the church.  I compiled a list of the issues that needed to be addressed and faced them head-on to begin the process of decision-making for determining the future of the church.


If you’re a part of a church that is plateaued or declining, I encourage you to have these meetings.  They’re healthy and a key part of getting the revitalization train rolling.


Do you have any thoughts of how to have effective town hall meetings in churches needing revitalization?  Let me know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Credo Magazine (link)

5 Effective Strategies for Church Marketing at Easter: This is How We Do It

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I want a ton of people to show up at Church of the Highlands on Easter weekend.  Easter is the Super Bowl of the church world.  We have the greatest story to tell in all of the world, and we want as many people as possible to hear it.


Every week, I’m posting a series called “This is How We Do It” to describe how Church of the Highlands does what we do.


So, how do we market our church to the masses for Easter weekend?  Hear are five things we’re doing at Church of the Highlands:


1) Attractional Strategy


If your church is doing an egg hunt, the Easter bunny is walking around campus, you’re providing a photographer to the church, or anything like that, you’re using the attractional strategy of church marketing to get people to come to Easter weekend.  Here at The Highlands, we use the attractional strategy and it works for us.


This year, we’re having another helicopter egg drop.  We did it last year, and it was a huge success.  Soon, I’ll have a special post just to explain the egg drop.  In addition to the helicopter dropping thousands of eggs from the sky, we will have a bunch of bounce houses, carnival games, etc. (By the way, if you want to pre-register your child for the egg drop, click here.)


People in our community love this stuff, and so do our church members.  A major key is to get peoples’ contact information at the event so we can follow-up with them later and invite them to come to our church.


2) Door Knocking


This is old-school, but it works.  You want to know why I believe in door-to-door church marketing?  I had an epiphany when we were preparing the launch of Church of the Highlands.  It was during the 2012 presidential campaign between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.


Everyone knew the key to the election was to win Ohio.  The polls were neck-and-neck going into that first Tuesday of November in 2012.  The day before the election, the Romney campaign knocked on 75,000 doors while the Obama team knocked on 376,000 doors (source).  Obama won the state by 166,214 votes (source).  He out-knocked Romney by 301,000 doors the day before the election.


If a group works their tail-off to knock on doors to get votes to elect someone for four years, how much more effort should we put it into inviting someone to life in Christ that lasts an eternity?  Our church has one big “Hit the Streets” door knocking time per quarter.  The next time we’re doing this is this coming weekend.


3) Direct Mail


We use to send direct mail to people in our community to advertise for our church.  Click here to see one going out next week.  After word of mouth, I guarantee you the number one way people have come to our church is via mailers.


We use our graphic designer to produce a customized piece for our church, work with an advisor both via email and over the phone, and strategically pick-out the locations where our mailers are sent.


Here is an interesting mail stat:


In over 80% of homes the person in the household responsible for collecting and sorting mail will collect the mail at their first opportunity. And, once the mail is brought into the home, 80% will sort the mail immediately while 18% will sort it later that day. (source)


4) Social Media & Overall Web Promotion


We use Facebook ads because it is simple and dirt cheap.  The week of Easter, we’ll spend $25 per day to promote our Easter worship experiences.  With Facebook advertising, you can pick locations via zip code or city, and all kinds of other details.


We target all people in our zip code and in the Harrison and Ooltewah communities of Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Honestly, this is the least effective marketing strategy we have used, in terms of measurable return on investment, but it is so inexpensive that we use it some for big weeks of promotion.


5) Word of Mouth


Of course, the number one way to promote a church is via word of mouth.  Click here to read a great post about “18 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips for Churches” by Marcus Neto.


The way we do word of mouth marketing in our church is that we provide the mailer that we send to our community, and have a bunch of extras printed, and encourage our regular attendees and members to take a bunch of them and invite their F-R-A-N (friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors).


Thom Rainer, in his book The Unchurched Next Door, notes that “82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited.”


This is how we let others know about our church so they will come and learn about our risen Savior.  Do you have any tips you’d like to add?  Let me know by commenting below.


An Update On New Buildings At Church of the Highlands and Overall Campus Improvement

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In this week’s weekly letter to you, church family, I want to share with you some updates about our property.  We are all about reaching our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.  Our buildings and grounds need to be well-prepared to position us for maximum efficiency in reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



As was announced a few weeks ago, we are moving forward with the site work for our future worship center.  This process has begun by us hiring some soil experts to do “soil borings” where we are building the building and the parking lots.  Join me in praying for good soil atop the property.

Church of the Highlands’ Future Worship Center


We have some big news here at Church of the Highlands.  This morning (4/3/14), we received a certificate of occupancy and passed all of our inspections from the Hamilton County Fire Marshall for our Dream Center building (building 700)!


This 16,000 square foot building that we built in cash will serve as our location for church offices and all adult Community Groups and Bible study activities that meet on campus.  We will immediately begin moving furniture into the building.  This building will also free some space in our gym (building 200) to develop more space for our preschool ministry.  Considering the masses of babies that have been born in the last four months (I think it was 13 babies), we’re in dire need for more preschool and nursery space.  One of our staff members told me there were ten babies in the worship services last Sunday, not counting the ones in the nursery.  As those newborns get just a bit older, their parents will need to put them in the nursery.  Now, this space problem is about to be solved.


We are in the midst of a major landscaping upgrade to our campus this week.  A ton of topsoil is being spread all over the Hunter Road side of our property, and it will be seeded so it will look extremely sharp by the time Easter is here in a few weeks.  We’ll have new grass and mulch and plants.


This week, we are paving some more of our property, which will spruce-up the campus.  The areas being paved are the Dream Center parking lot, and the area around the side of the gym, then leading to the exit.


In order to pave all of the area that we currently have graveled, it would cost $64,000.  We’re just paving a small portion of that, but it will significantly beautify the campus and make it much easier to drive and walk around here.


This Saturday, we will have a church work day, and I really need you to come and help.  Easter is the most important weekend for our church out of the entire year, and we really need to have our campus in tip-top condition.


The combination of opening the Dream Center building and getting ready for Easter equates to a major need for hundreds of us to come to the church this Saturday, 8:30–Noon, for a yummy pancake breakfast, followed by a time of cleaning, landscaping, and moving stuff.


We have projects ready for males and females, and all ages.  Please come!



  • Pickup Truck
  • Rakes
  • Pressure Washer
  • Wear Work Clothes
  • Good Attitude


See you this weekend!  I love you, church family!

Scripture Memory: Practical Tips for Spiritual Growth

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Recently, the Lord convicted me to memorize more Scripture.  This is a practice in which I used to be more disciplined years ago, and I’m getting back into it.  I hope this post will serve as a practical guide to help you in your Scripture memorization journey.


Psalm 119:11 teaches us that “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”


Storing the Word of God in your heart will help you to live a life of blamelessness before the Lord.  After all, 2 Chronicles 16:9a teaches that “the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.”


Set Goals & Develop an Action Plan



How many verses/passages do you seek to memorize?  If you haven’t memorized any Bible verses ever before, or of it has been a while, start with some shorter verses.


My goal is to memorize 26 Bible verses/passages over a 52-week period of time.  So, every other week, I seek to have a verse/passage firmly memorized.



I’m not saying this is the only way to memorize Scripture, but this is how I do it, and it works for me.  Considering I’m a pretty high-tech guy, this is a pretty old-school way to develop this spiritual discipline.


  • ŸDevelop a list of what verses/passages to memorize & when to memorize them.

I love the way the Navigators provides a list of topical verses to memorize (click here).  Another great resource is at this link that provides the 100 most-memorized Bible verses.  Also, you could pick a passage like Psalm 23 (6 verses), the book of Jonah (47 verses), and eventually work your way into memorizing even larger portions of the Scripture, like the book of James (five chapters).


It can become easy to primarily choose New Testament passages, but I encourage you to try to evenly memorize Old and New Testament verses/passages.


Write your list, in my case a list of 26 verses, and put a start and end date of when you’ll start memorizing it and when you’ll finish the task.


  • ŸBuy a pack of 3×5 cards.

Buy generic 3×5 cards at Walmart, or Walgreens, or wherever.


  • ŸWrite the verse/passage you’re memorizing on several 3×5 cards, and put them on your bathroom mirror, the sun visor in your car, on your desk, and in your pocket.

In your daily time with the Lord, read and pray through the verse/passage 5 or 6 times.  Then, throughout the day, read it and meditate on it.  At a red light, look at it on your sun visor.  When you brush your teeth, look at it on the mirror.  When you’re at your desk, glance at it occasionally.


When you have a few free minutes, instead of wasting time on social networks, continue to memorize Scripture.  Trust me, letting Facebook distract you from the depths of this world will not work long-term, but God’s Word in your heart will bring satisfaction to your soul.


If you do this with one verse/passage for two weeks, I guarantee you will have it memorized.


  • ŸWhen you move on to the next verse/passage to memorize, read through previously-memorized verses every other day to stay fresh with them.

You don’t want to have done all of that work of memorizing other verses, and then forget them.  After you do this system over and over, over one year, you’ll have 26 thoroughly-memorized verses/passages in your heart.


I hope this system will help you.  I know it has worked for me in the past, and it will work well for me as I get back into it.


Are there any tips you would add to help others memorize portions of the Bible?

Click here for image credit.

This is How We Do It: First Impressions at Church of the Highlands

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I’m beginning a series here on my blog that I’m calling “This is How We Do It.”  In this series, I’ll post weekly about how Church of the Highlands does what we do.  This is not to infer that how we do it is the best, but this is for the purpose of helping other churches to see how we operate so they can learn and implement some of the strategies if they would fit contextually in their culture.


I’ve always been intrigued by church systems.  It’s like I’m an engineer trying to get a mechanism to operate at full capacity.  I believe the Holy Spirit ultimately causes churches to grow.  I also think it is the responsibility of a pastor to lead, and part of that should be through the systems put in place to operate at maximum efficiency.


Today, let’s look at how Church of the Highlands does “First Impressions.”  You know what they say (whoever “they” is) . . . you only have one chance to make a first impression.


After having visited Fellowship Church and Keystone Church in Dallas/Fort Worth, reading about Elevation Church’s (Charlotte) first impressions, and brainstorming with my team, we developed the following strategy:


What Do We Call Them?

I’m big on using proper verbiage.  The people coming to our church for the first time are not visitors.  They are guests.  Sometimes, we refer to them as VIPs.


Amazing Parking

When people pull up to the campus, there is a big tent to draw peoples’ attention.  I’ve seen other churches with a sign for first-time guests to turn on their hazard lights to let the parking lot volunteers direct them to the VIP Parking reserved for guests.  Both processes work.  The point is, you want to know who is a first-time guest.  We’re paving some new spaces today on our campus, and will have even better parking for first-time guests.  We provide parking spaces literally just a few steps from our worship center door.


VIP Welcome

As people park, a volunteer comes near the car (without invading peoples’ space) and welcomes the guests. They are friendly and excited.  The parking attendant then explains that at Church of the Highlands, every guest is treated like a VIP.  They’re told where to go, and what to expect.  All of this takes place in the first minute on our property.


Warmly Greeted

As people walk in, volunteers are stationed at the doors to greet the guests enthusiastically. A worship host helps to usher them directly to their seats.


Intro Video

At the beginning we play a video like this for the specific reason of making first-time guests feel welcome and at-ease.

Great Welcome from the Front

We don’t pressure people to acknowledge they’re guests, but we welcome all of the guests from the stage and often have the church give a round of applause to our first-time guests (I lead in this time, typically, immediately before the message).  I communicate how guests can get connected and where to go after the services to get more information.  I STRONGLY encourage them to fill-out a “Connection Card.”


Give a Gift

After the service concludes, we give away a gift to each guest. We give an awesome mug with our church logo on it, a Church of the Highlands pen, and a Highlands magnet for their fridge . . . along with a brochure about our ministries.


Is there anything you would suggest we add to this process to be even better at first impressions?  Next week, I’ll address how we follow-up with guests.

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