This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Happy summer to you! This weekend is Memorial Day, which unofficially begins the summer for most people. I encourage you to make sure you are faithful in your church attendance, volunteering, and giving this summer.
You can start this by making sure you help us this Saturday with our work day at 9:00 a.m.
Below is a list of our church’s calendar this summer. This will be a great time for us to serve together to reach our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ!
All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

May 23

Church Work Day
May 24

Student-Served Lunch & Church-wide Ultimate Frisbee


May 24-September 6

“Summer of HOPE” Giving Challenge


May 25

Church Office is Closed (Memorial Day)


June 3

Kids’ Ministry Family Night

Pool Opens for the Summer


June 5

Men’s Trip to the Atlanta Braves


June 7

New Series Starts: Restoring Ruined Dreams: A Study of Joel


June 21

Father’s Day


June 22-26



June 28

Lake Baptisms & Church Picnic


July 5, 12, 19, 10:45 a.m.

One Combined Service These Three Weeks


July 13-17, 6:00-9:00 p.m.



August 6

First Day of School, Hamilton County ISD


August 9

Awesome Day

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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I want to communicate three key things to you this week:
(1) Come to Church of the Highlands for Mother’s Day

After Christmas and Easter, Mother’s Day is one of the most likely times someone will come to church with you, if you invite them. I encourage you to invite someone to come to church with you on this special day as we will learn from the Scriptures about biblical parenting.
(2) Update On Our Big Sign to Go On Hwy 58 and Overall Site Work & Building

We have received our 19′ digital sign that will be installed on Highway 58. It is currently behind the maintenance shed on our campus. It is beautiful and big. It weighs 2,000 pounds! Tomorrow, our engineer will officially submit the paperwork for our church to seek to have a permit for construction on our campus for our new worship center building and the sign.
It should take 30-60 days to receive our permit, then we will start moving dirt to make build our driveway on the Hwy 58 side of our campus and erect our big sign. Yes, things are about to start really moving. It is so exciting!
(3) National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I went to Etowah, TN today and prayed with a group of men who are going through rehabilitation for addictions. Last night at church, we prayed for our government officials, our country, and personal prayer requests shared by our church family. Tuesday of this week, I gathered with Christian leaders in our Chattanooga community for a time of prayer, and Gov. Bill Haslam was a part of the event. I encourage you to be intentional in your prayer life today. Click here to see our church’s latest prayer requests.
All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Why and How I Write & Publish Entire Sermon Series Before Preaching Them

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Doing a book signing on Easter Sunday

Doing a book signing on Easter Sunday

About one year ago, I developed a plan for how I would begin writing and publishing entire sermon series before preaching them. It took me nine months to get to the point of accomplishing this.




I decided to move into this direction because I have been a lead pastor since 2008, I have always written my sermons in a manuscript form, but I looked through my files and realized I have written hundreds of sermons, but have not leveraged my content very much.


I would spend 15–20 hours pouring my heart into writing a sermon, and then after I preached it, it would drift into the digital abyss to rarely be seen or heard again. Something is wrong with this. I want maximum exposure to my greatest effort at homiletical and literary whimsy.


I was told by a friend that Andy Stanley prepares his sermons four weeks in advance, and thought that was really impressive. His purpose was to help his staff team with the multitude of logistics, including stage design, graphic design, musical worship sets, marketing the sermon, etc.





A key part of this is that I only preach one full sermon per week. My system would be very difficult to replicate if one was preaching Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Our church does not have Sunday night activities, and I teach a Bible study on a rotation with some other people on Wednesday nights.



When I developed my system in the spring of 2014, my goal was to start it in August of the same year. I couldn’t pull it off that quickly. Here is why: You have to discipline yourself to write two Sunday morning sermons per week for about ten weeks to get far enough ahead.



I used to plan my preaching calendar twice per year, in six month increments, but transitioned to always having a 12 month perspective. Here are examples of what a typical series will look like, when planned on my preaching calendar:


Series Name: Restoring Ruined Dreams: A Series On the Book of Joel (#RestoreMyDreams)

Series Description: Do you ever struggle with feeling complacent? A strong dose of imagery like we find in Joel might just do the trick of opening your eyes to the necessity of faithfully following after God every moment of your life in order to experience restoration from brokenness in the dreams of your life.

Design Thoughts: Be Creative!


May 24

Disaster (Joel 1:1–20)


May 31

Hope (Joel 2:1–17)


June 7

Restoration (Joel 2:18–32)


June 14

Justice (Joel 3:1–21)


Series Name: I Love My Church (#LoveCOH)

Series Description: What does it look like to be a healthy member of Church of the Highlands? There’s more to it than showing up on an occasional Sunday morning, smiling, and singing. The Bible gives rich insight into how to live out your love for God’s local church. This series will teach you how to love your church!

Design Thoughts: I [heart symbol] My Church in block type font, all caps. Black background…maybe a little texture, orange heart, “church” in lime green font.


June 28

Give Up Your Life (Matthew 16:24–25)


July 5

Pick Up Your Ministry (1 Peter 4:10)


July 12

Show Up to Church (Hebrews 10:23–25)


July 19

Build Up Each Other (Romans 12:10–15)


July 26

Back Up Your Leaders (Hebrews 13:17)


August 2

Pay Up Your Tithes (Malachi 3:5–10)


August 9 (Awesome Day)

Listen Up to God (Romans 10:17)


I send the preaching calendar to my staff, lay leadership team, and then my graphic designer and stage design teams go over this at length.



In order to find the extra 15–20 hours of sermon prep time for ten weeks, it took a lot of disciplined time management. This requires a lot of intentionality, avoiding piddling on the internet, and getting up early or staying up late. I’m a morning person, so I began waking up earlier, typically around 4:30 or 5:00, and would just start cranking out my future sermons. It became tiring to write two Sunday morning sermons for ten weeks, but it’s the only way to get ahead far enough to execute this strategy.


This is the hardest part, and the crux of why this may not be possible for everyone. I may have plenty of weaknesses, but one of my strengths is time management.



When I write a sermon, I write it with detailed endnotes, headings, etc. since it will be published as a book. Sometimes, preachers who manuscript their sermons may put abbreviated reminders like “ILL” for “illustration” or “exp” for “expound.” When using my format, it requires writing it with the complete perspective that it needs to be cleaner so it can be published as a chapter in a book.



This portion of my strategy required a lot of research as to what was the best route for self-publishing. I found that Amazon’s self-publishing arm,, is the best option for me.


With CreateSpace, you can order books on demand, and don’t have a minimum you have to order. They make it easy to publish eBooks as well as paperbacks. Click here for a good article on “Top 10 Tips for Self-Publishing On CreateSpace.”


You need to have the series/book completely written at least a month prior to preaching it so there’s ample time for editing the book, shipping, etc.



I sell the series as a book at Church of the Highlands, online, when I go and preach at conferences and other churches, and out of the trunk of my car. I made the decision that the profit from every book that I sell at Church of the Highlands is given to our church’s building fund. This helps me to give creatively toward our future, and makes me unashamed to push the books at the church. The money is going toward a good cause, and I avoid the temptation and perception of “double-dipping” by being paid a salary from the congregation and then seeking an extra way to make money from them. Instead, I’m asking people to give toward the Lord’s work.



Our church loves this format. People bring their Bibles and many bring their series books with them. I was concerned about people having my entire manuscript before preaching it, but I’ve found it helps the congregation to absorb the content way better. If something struck them as interesting in the sermon, they can look at the endnotes, and pick up that resource to learn more about it.



I am 31. If I pastor until my late 60s or early 70s, I’ll have about 40 years of sermons published in an organized manner to leave a legacy well beyond my time on earth. After all, Martin Luther once said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”



If you are thinking about moving to this format, you may want to buy a few of my books to see how it looks in print. Click here to go to my book page.


I hope this helps some others seeking to make a difference for Jesus!




This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Friends (with my Jim Nantz “Masters” voice),



Praise God for an outstanding Easter weekend!


We had so many people come to our egg drop that we literally had to turn away hundreds of cars due to a lack of parking. We will work to remedy this next year and become even more efficient. What a great problem . . . having too many people come to our church campus!


Here are some quick Easter weekend stats for you:

·      4 people came to Christ.

·      6 people were baptized (totaling 80 since we re-planted as Church of the Highlands).

·      4 families joined our church.

·      598 attended church over our three services.

·      Over 1,000 families registered at the egg drop.

·      5,000 is our estimate of how many people attended the egg drop.



I am continuing our series on building a DREAM HOME, and this Sunday, we will learn about the closet—becoming empowered by your past! I hope you will buy a copy of my latest book, Dream Home, and bring it to church with you every week during this series.



Pastor Jeremy

Church of the Highlands’ Helicopter Easter Egg Drop & 3 Worship Services

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HARRISON, TN—March 31, 2015—This Saturday, April 4th, Church of the Highlands will hold a helicopter Easter egg drop on their campus at 6621 Hunter Road in Harrison.  This is a free event for the greater Chattanooga community, and will take place rain or shine.


From 4:00–6:00, Church of the Highlands will have inflatables, carnival games, horse rides, food trucks, and tons of candy.



At 5:15, the actual helicopter Easter egg drop will take place.  A helicopter Easter egg drop is the most exciting version of the traditional Easter egg hunt you can find. Tens of thousands of plastic eggs, filled with candy, will be dropped from a helicopter onto a grass field. After the helicopter has safely left the area, kids will then be allowed onto the field to collect eggs! For safety reasons, kids are divided up into age groups.


·       To control crowds and provide a safe and fun experience for every child, only those who REGISTER ONLINE at will be permitted to attend.

·       Please arrive by 4:45 as the egg drop will take place at 5:15.



After Church of the Highlands’ 6:00 Saturday night worship service, we’re giving away some awesome prizes.  Everyone who registers for and attends the egg drop will be entered in the drawing.  People must be present to win.  Here’s what is being given away:

·       A Free Pass to Highpoint Rock Climbing and Fitness for a Family of Four

·       A Free Pass to The Jump Park for a Family of Five

·       Gift Cards to Various Restaurants



Church of the Highlands has tripled in size in the last couple of years, and is reaching many people who are far from God.  The church will offer three Easter worship services this weekend: Saturday, 6:00 and Sunday, 9:15 and 10:45.


Please visit for more details.


Press Contact:

Dr. Jeremy Roberts, Lead Pastor

(423) 493-4111


This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Dear Church Family,


There is a lot going on right now at Church of the Highlands!



Palm Sunday is this Sunday. Make sure you come to church to partake in the Lord’s Supper with our church family. You can click here to read Matthew 21:1-11 to read about Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem.



Invite tons of people to Easter! One simple way is to take the invite cards passed out at the end of this services and give them to your friends. Another thing to do is use the special “Easter at The Highlands” profile picture (pictured above) on your social networks. Furthermore, go ahead and call or text someone right now to invite them. Don’t procrastinate . . . do it now!


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.50.36 AM

Purchase a copy of Dream Home: 7 Keys to Spiritual Growth in Your Family. The cost is $10 and royalties go toward our Greater Things building fund. A book signing will take place after all three services next weekend. Each chapter in the book is a manuscript of what I will preach throughout the series. Topics include your future, past, community, marriage, personal finances, parenting, and physical health.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,



We are just three weeks away from Easter! Time is soon coming to experience the most influential weekend our church has for the entire year. Please make sure you are thinking thoroughly about whom you are going to invite. You can click here to learn different ways to invite people to Easter at Church of the Highlands.



Since Easter is so vital, we need to make sure our church campus is in tip-top shape. This Saturday, we have a big work day to accomplish that goal. Click here to see everything we will do on the work day. See you at 9:00 a.m. (rain or shine) on Saturday!



Last Sunday, I preached the first of a two-part message on signs of the end times. If you missed church last Sunday, please watch my sermon on the preaching page so you will have a clearer perspective for this Sunday’s message. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this series . . . after just one week. Make sure you come this Sunday to hear this powerful message on the end times!


I love you, Highlands family!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,


Praise God for an awesome Student Sunday we had last weekend! I praise God for our students, our student ministry volunteers, and Student Pastor Rick McKnight. Pastor Rick’s sermon was great last Sunday! Click here to see it.


As we have had more school closings here in Hamilton County the last few weeks than we could ever imagine, this weekend is a better time than ever before to get out of the house and get to church!


Here are three key things for which to be prepared as we move into the weekend . . .



 New Series: FUTURIST

I am so excited to kick-off this new series on the end times. This Sunday’s message will be one of the most interesting sermons for which I have ever prepared. Trust me, you need to be here for me to tell you about the future!





I know. I know. This is the time change most of us despise. Here’s the positive perspective: You get to come to church an hour sooner! I really hope you’ll do everything you can to wake up early and get to church on time!





As most of you know, I’m a Liberty University alumnus. I love my alma mater. One of my friends in the worship department there contacted me and said that one of their best bands is on tour and they had a free date on March 8th. I can’t believe we get to have Crimson Flood leading worship for us in both the 9:15 blended service and 10:45 contemporary service!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Invite People to Easter at Church of the Highlands!

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Dear Church Family,


Easter weekend will be here in just one month.  It is the biggest weekend of the year for our church!  People are more likely to attend church for Easter than any other time.


I want the entire church to band together in dedication to “Being Bringers.” Bring people to church with you this Easter weekend. The helicopter Easter egg drop and fun activities all take place on Saturday, April 4th, 4:30–6:00. Our services are Saturday, April 4th, at 6:00 (contemporary); and Sunday, April 5th, at 9:15 (blended) and 10:45 (contemporary).


So, EVERYONE in our church needs to invite people to Easter at The Highlands.


Whom should you invite?

Use the acrostic F-R-A-N as a simple way to know whom to invite: Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors.


I challenge you to target at least 10 people to invite to Easter at The Highlands.


How should you invite people?


·       Selfie: Click here to print this PDF, then take a “selfie” with this advertisement, and post it on your social networks.

·       Social Networks: In addition to the selfie, write out a personal invitation on your social networks and include a link to

·       Text Message

·       Phone Call

·       Bake Cookies: Take your neighbors fresh-baked cookies and leave an Easter card.

·       Hand-Out Literature: At the information table, we will soon have a bunch of Easter postcards (click here to see a PDF of the postcards).  Grab a bunch of them and hand them to a ton of people. Also, grab some of the business-card-sized invite cards, put them in your wallet or purse, and give them out to people.

·       Create an Invite Video On Your Phone: Bust out your smart phone, record an Easter invite video, and share it with your friends.

Here’s an example of one that I made on my computer:

·       Email: Send an email to every person in your contacts and invite them to Easter at The Highlands while also including a link to


When should you invite people?

Invite them today!


All for Jesus,

Dr. Jeremy Roberts, Lead Pastor

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Church Family,


I have heard from several in the church over the last few days about you dealing with forgiveness in one area of your life or another, as a result of last Sunday’s message I preached on that subject. Praise God that the Lord is changing lives at Church of the Highlands! You can watch last Sunday’s sermon below.




This Sunday is STUDENT SUNDAY! Yes, this is the time when our student ministry is leading all aspects of our Sunday morning services this weekend. Whether it’s a greeter, someone serving coffee and tasty treats, taking up the offering, preaching, or leading musical worship, they’re doing EVERYTHING! Our church had two teenagers when I became pastor, and now we have so many students that they can lead the entire Sunday morning. Praise God for our growth, and the leadership of Student Pastor Rick McKnight.




I am kicking-off my new series, FUTURIST, one week from Sunday. I just finished writing the first message for this series, and I can’t wait to deliver it as we study the end times and Revelation together. Please make sure you come to church all four Sundays during this series.


easter2015 EASTER

Lastly, Easter is just five weeks away. Our plethora of activities is detailed in the video below. It’s going to be awesome!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

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