A Pastor’s Perspective On Amendment 1 in Tennessee

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These are unique times in which we are living as a country.  Ebola looms from Africa, war is extant in the Middle East, and financial crises seem to hover around the world every time you click on a story, pick up a paper, or turn on the TV.  The most dangerous issue pertaining to the life and death of humanity is abortion, and it is widely ignored by the media.  Sadly, 85 million Americans have been aborted since 1973.  To put this in perspective, 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust.


While there may be many political issues about which you have opinions, there is one thing you need to hear from my heart: this issue about which I’m writing you is not political, it is biblical. For followers of Jesus Christ, we know life comes from God.


My friend, Dr. Gary Jared, recently pointed out to me that even our founding Fathers agreed in the Declaration of Independence that  “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life…” the right to life!  The people of Tennessee will be able to go and vote for some common sense laws that will be a positive move in the direction of saving the lives of human beings still in their mothers’ wombs.


The vote on Amendment 1 on Tuesday, November 4th, is monumental. Christians, we must stand up and vote for life. Again, this is not a political issue; it is a biblical one. I encourage you to VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 1 on election day. Vote your biblical values.


Fighting for the Lives of Unborn Babies,

Dr. Jeremy Roberts

Lead Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Chattanooga, TN




Learn more about voting YES on amendment 1 by clicking here.


Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)


Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. (Proverbs 31:8)


For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,


Tomorrow, we conclude our evangelism series called Here I Go Again.  I am so excited to tell you that after I taught you how to share the Gospel, someone came to the Lord Sunday afternoon of last week as a result of using the 3 Circles strategy!



Site work done on The Highlands’ barn

We have several big things going on here at our church right now:

  • Our equestrian ministry, “The Highlands Riding Center,” is in the preparation stage.  We have two work days coming . . . October 25 and November 8, both at 8:30am.  Site work is already underway for our barn to be ready to roll.
  • Our Kids Ministry is preparing for “The Trick to Treating” and it is going to be a big time for us!  It is October 29th, 6–8pm.
  • Our deacons officially gave the unanimous “yes” for us to move forward to develop 4 acres of our campus (on the far south end, along Hwy 58) to build 60 condos, which will provide resources to make it more feasible to build our worship center.
  • Scotty Marcum and I have been meeting with sign companies to determine who will build our permanent sign along Hwy 58.  We hope to have the new sign erected by the end of 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.30.23 PM

Master Plan for Church of the Highlands

Yes, these are exciting times!  I encourage you to make sure you are consistent in your church attendance, going to a Community Group, and giving generously.


I love you, church family!


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

I Still Believe in Miracles

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Could you use a miracle in your life?  Of course!  Plenty of people in the Bible had the same feeling and they believed God could grant it.  As a result, God sent miracles throughout the Scriptures.   I introduce you to my brand new message series called “I Still Believe in Miracles.”


Learn how God provided miracles in the Bible and how He can provide miracles in your life today.   Here is what we will study:


October 26

I Believe Jesus Can Miraculously Heal My Personal Finances


November 2

I Believe Jesus Can Miraculously Fight My Relationship Battles


November 9

I Believe Jesus Can Miraculously Heal My Body


November 16

I Believe Jesus Can Miraculously Heal My Impossible Situation in Life 

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Dear Church Family,


Thank you so much for your encouragement to me as I had the opportunity to have a week away to visit family in Texas. We had a great time of not doing much but just having family time. It is a blessing to serve a church that values giving their pastor time away for respite. I am grateful that my friend, Travis Jones, preached a dynamic message last Sunday.


I know many of you are away for Fall break right now, but I really encourage you to come to church this Sunday as I will speak about how to share the Gospel.


If you’d like to prepare for Sunday, I encourage you to do several things:

• Download the “Life On Mission” app on your smart devices. You can go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and search for it.

• Memorize some (or better yet, all) of these verses: Genesis 1:31a; Romans 3:23; Proverbs 14:12; Mark 1:15b; Romans 10:9

• Watch this video:


I love you, church family,

Pastor Jeremy

This Week at Church of the Highlands

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Dear Church of the Highlands Family,


Last Sunday, we kicked-off our evangelism message series called “Here I Go Again.” This 4-week emphasis on studying what the Bible says about sharing Christ will be so healthy for our church family.

I encourage you to think about those you know who don’t know Christ, and pray for them. Reassess your wisdom of knowing the Gospel, as we discussed last Sunday, and begin preparing to share Jesus with them. If you did not see last Sunday’s message, you can watch it below.


Lastly, I strongly encourage you to make sure you are consistent in your church attendance. Our church is filled with people who only come once or twice per month. I really need to see you move to another level in your consistency of coming to church.

This is not just for filling seats, but for filling your heart with healthy spiritual nourishment and equipping. Please prioritize church attendance, and come this Sunday.

I love you, church family!

Until He Renders the Heavens,

Pastor Jeremy

Three Big Announcements Forging into the Future for Church of the Highlands

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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.30.23 PM

(Click here to view a PDF of Church of the Highlands’ master plan.)

This morning was an exciting time at Church of the Highlands.  I had the opportunity of casting vision for our faith family.  Also, I made three key announcements for our church:

1) We Are Moving Forward to Erect Our Permanent Sign On Highway 58.

We have the cash in hand, and will move forward to erect our permanent sign along Highway 58, which will result in 28,000 cars daily seeing that our church has a presence on this major thoroughfare through Chattanooga and north/east Hamilton County.  We have already begun the permitting process.

Our goal is to have the new sign installed by January 1, 2015.

2) We Are Partnering with a Horse Ministry with 15 Horses that we will call “The Highlands Riding Center.”

Our church has a 44-stall horse barn.  We will partner with what is currently known as “Hixson Therapeutic Riding Program” to become one of our ministries and change its name to “The Highlands Riding Center.”  They are their own 501(c)3 and will hold all of the liability of the riding center.

This ministry helps our special needs friends, autistic kids, and those who have been abused to experience healing through Christ with the help of horses and therapists.  Also, people who want to board their horses can pay to do so at our church.  Furthermore, people who want to take riding lessons or just ride on that portion of our land can do so.

We will build a horse arena, and already have the materials for it.  We will need volunteers to actually construct the arena.  We plan on having rodeos on our campus.

Also, our kids and student ministries will be able to use the horses from time-to-time.  I envision people driving on our campus and seeing our indoor skatepark (that seems to be one of the best things we’ve ever built), seeing our olympic-size swimming pool (which is a HUGE hit in the summer), and future equestrian center to see that we are indeed biblical, creative, and fun as we seek to reach people for Christ.

Our goal for the completion of all renovations to be ready for The Highlands Riding Center is January 1, 2015.

3) We Are in Serious Negotiations to Develop Condominiums On the South End of Our Campus, Along Highway 58.

This is not a done deal, but our church is meeting with a leading developer to build 60 units to create vacation style condos right off of the lake.  You will see re-zoning signs up on the Highway 58 side of our campus for this purpose.

With our unique location on Harrison Bay, this creates an opportunity to construct some facilities with amazing views.  This deal will make it much easier for us to have the money needed to build our new worship center.

All of these things have resulted in a renewed master plan for our church.

  • View the Vision 2020 Handout:  click here.
  • View the Renewed Master Plan: click here.
  • The Vision Message from This Morning will be Viewable via Video Later This Afternoon: click here.

Church, I love you and am so grateful to serve as your pastor.  This is such an exciting church, and we have such a bright future ahead!

Forging Ahead,

Dr. Jeremy Roberts

Lead Pastor

P.S. To learn about our future worship center, click here.

Get Connected at Church of the Highlands

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Hello Church Family,


This Sunday, the Sunday after Labor Day, is a key time in church life to swing into a surge of growth.  Despite last weekend being a holiday weekend, our attendance was high!  In order to take advantage of this time, please get fully plugged-in thru four key ways:


Worship Service Attendance: Be consistent in church attendance.  Come to Church of the Highlands services every single week.


Community Group:  As our church grows larger, we must also grow smaller.  You can attend a Community Group on or off campus, either on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, or Wednesday nights.  See a full list of Community Groups at TheHighlands.cc/CommunityGroups.


Give:  We must all work together to give to the Lord to be obedient and see His vision come to fruition. Click here to give online.


Serve: Find a place to serve in the church that fits your passions.  See the list of serving opportunities in the handout provided for you at church this Sunday.


I urge you to invite some people to come to church with you this weekend and read Matthew 6 and Luke 16:9-13 in preparation for this Sunday’s extremely insightful message, “Breaking the Spirit of Mammon” as we continue our “The Blessed Life” series.


Until He Renders the Heavens,

Pastor Jeremy



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Practical Ways to Be Active at Church of the Highlands

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With us now moving well into the early stages of the fall season of the church, I challenge you to be disciplined in consistent activity here at Church of the Highlands.  Here are a few areas where you can do this:



Come to church as often as we have activities (services, community groups, service projects, social gatherings, etc.).  We need you to be active and you need you to be active!  Hebrews 10:25 teaches to not forsake gathering together with other Christians.



I have a few key prayer requests for you to consistently lift up to the Lord:

- Revival to come from the Holy Spirit to our church

- Greater Things—That we will be able to bring in even more than the amount of money pledged and that we will be able to build our new facility in an expeditious manner.

- This coming Sunday—Always pray for the next Sunday as our weekly gatherings are the key time for our church.

- Finances—Pray for us to have healthy Christians who give, and for us to meet—even exceed—our weekly needs.

- Pastor and Staff—I unashamedly ask for your prayers.  Pray for my family by name: Charity (my wife), Lily and Autumn (my kids).



Serve in the church.  Find an area where you’d like to get plugged-in and become an integral part of this church family.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Awesome Day Recap

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Last Sunday was Awesome Day, and it was incredible. We saw four people come to Christ, six families join our church, and a REALLY large crowd of people gathered together to worship Jesus Christ.


Even yesterday, I met with a young man who came to our church this past Sunday. He and his wife were separated at this time last week. They came to our church, and the Lord is now healing their marriage and they’re back together.


Its so encouraging to see changed lives at Church of the Highlands!


This Sunday, August 17th, is the kick-off of two things:


(1) Our new message series, “The Blessed Life”, starts this Sunday and I can’t wait!


(2) Community Group week begins this Sunday. I encourage you to go to a Community Group this weekend. Click here to see all of your options for Community Groups.


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Update On Our Big Evangelism Week at Church of the Highlands

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Church of the Highlands Family,


This morning, I had the opportunity of speaking to our VBS kiddos. I have spoken at many of these sorts of gatherings at VBS over the years, but have never seen the type of response I saw today. 16 kids received Christ today, and this was confirmed after they went thru decision counseling! Our leaders will speak with the kids’ parents about baptism.


Our heavy evangelistic push is going really well this week:


- This past Sunday we knocked on several thousand doors around our community, and invited people to Church of the Highlands.

- VBS is exploding, as I mentioned above.

- Neighborhood block parties are also going well. We had one Tuesday night in the Flagstone neighborhood in Ooltewah and have another one tonight at 6:00 in Hamilton on Hunter North in Ooltewah.


To conclude our big evangelism week, we are going to have a unique worship service schedule and very different types of services. Our worship service schedule this weekend is Friday at 7:00 and Sunday at 10:45. We do not have Community Groups this weekend. We do not have a 9:15 service this weekend. Our two worship services this weekend are identical. Our worship services will be led by our Kids Ministry.


This weekend will be very different, but please don’t let that deter you from attending church this weekend. We need you this weekend! If you have un-churched or de-churched friends or family members, please push hard for them to come Friday night. After we worship together on Friday night we will have a party for our community with bounce houses, games, etc. To cap-off the night we will have a professional fireworks show.


I love you, church family. I conclude this letter to you with a verse the Lord has been using a lot in my heart lately: And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness. (Acts 4:31)


All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

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