Church Growth Idea: Search for White Space in Your Community and Fill It

Imagine you’re an artist. A canvas is before you. Your calling is to dip your brush onto the pallet and make every crevice of the canvas as beautiful as you can make it. By the time you’re done, beauty beams from the painting.


Now, look at the church your serve and the community in which she is located. What are the needs of your community? Most communities need six key things: Intentionality, Diversity, Willingness to Embrace Awkwardness, Openness, Ability to Have Fun Together, and Inclusiveness.


When you reflect on the community where your church is located, which of the six things listed above are really in need of being filed? In addition to a number of other things, where I live, we need to have more openness. There are issues taking place in our community and culture that everyone knows exists, but nobody is addressing them.


A way we’re trying to fill this white space is to have monthly “Deal with It” town hall gatherings where we will invite our community to come. We won’t have a lecture, but instead a conversation about key issues impacting our community—like racial tension, pornography, single parenting, etc. We will deal with these things from the Bible, exegeted specifically to our community.


This is white space we’re filling. Nobody else is addressing this stuff. It will draw people to see our church is a lighthouse of hope in the midst of the darkness of our culture.


Here is a question of application for you: Where is white space in your community?


Here are a couple of ideas beyond what I mentioned that we’re doing at Church of the Highlands . . .


English as a Second Language

Are there a lot of people of another linguistic background and there are few places they can learn English as their second language? Becomes the “go to” place for that people group. Offer classes.


Become Your Community’s Community Center

Does your community lack a “community center,” but you have a gym or large meeting space that’s rarely used beyond Sundays and Wednesday nights? Turn your church facilities into a place that meets that need.


Doing things like this allow you to be given credibility and authority to pour into peoples’ lives and eventually share the Gospel with them or invite them to a key event or service at your church where the Gospel will be proclaimed.


Can you think of some white areas in your community? Tell me about them in the comment section below.

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