When Life is Destroyed, it Can Be Restored

When Life is Destroyed, it Can Be Restored
Amos 9

I. There is No Way to Escape God’s Judgment

1 I saw the Lord standing beside the altar, and he said: “Strike the capitals until the thresholds shake, and shatter them on the heads of all the people; and those who are left of them I will kill with the sword; not one of them shall flee away; not one of them shall escape.“If they dig into Sheol, from there shall my hand take them; if they climb up to heaven,  from there I will bring them down. If they hide themselves on the top of Carmel,  from there I will search them out and take them; and if they hide from my sight at the bottom of the sea, there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them. And if they go into captivity before their enemies, there I will command the sword, and it shall kill them;”  Amos 9:1-4a

II. Everyone Stands On Level Ground Before God

“Are you not like the Cushites to me, O people of Israel?” declares the Lord“Did I not bring up Israel from the land of Egypt, and the Philistines from Caphtor and the Syrians from Kir? Amos 9:7

III. God Has A Bright and Hopeful Future for You

11 “In that day I will raise up     the booth of David that is fallen and repair its breaches, and raise up its ruins and rebuild it as in the days of old,  Amos 9:11

13 “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord“when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it. Amos 9:13

22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. Romans 8:22

14 I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine, and they shall make gardens and eat their fruit. Amos 9:14

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