Ep 97: John Welborn (Multicultural Ministry and Post-Christian Church Strategies)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews John Welborn. John is an alumnus of Liberty University and Southeastern Seminary. He currently serves as lead pastor of Salem Church in Staten Island, New York City. Jeremy and John discuss multicultural ministry and post-Christian church strategies.
  1. For those not familiar with John Welborn, what is your background?
  2. Since you pastor in NYC, I’m sure you’ve learned quite a bit about multicultural ministry. What are some keys you’ve learned to reaching all people groups in your community?
  3. NYC is a post-Christian culture that reflects an attitude that will become more prevalent as time passes. Are you seeing this in New York? How are you addressing it?
  4. This episode is being released on September 11th. As a New Yorker, as you reflect upon the impact that tragic day has made on your city and our country, what have you learned?

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