Ep 93: Jeremy Wallace (Living the Mission)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Jeremy Wallace. Dr. Wallace is the pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church in Charleston, SC. The two Jeremy’s (LOL) team up to discuss how to be a more missional person and missional church.
  1. For those not familiar with Dr. Jeremy Wallace, what is your background?
  2. You have a major passion for seeing church leaders and members involved in missions. How do we do that?
  3. How do you make missions a vital part of the DNA of a church?
  4. When people seek to be missional in their local area, how can they practically do that?



Keeping your volunteer team up-to-speed and developing new leaders is hard. The way you’ve been doing it, empty meetings and unread emails, isn’t working.

You need something that lets you engage new volunteers while their interest is hot. Something to help you develop leaders as they grow, in real time. Something your people will appreciate because it saves them time. Heck, something that saves you time, too.

It’s time for TrainedUp.


One Comment on “Ep 93: Jeremy Wallace (Living the Mission)”

  1. Pastor Roberts,
    I just listened to part of this podcast. In reference to Pastor Wallace resignation from his church in Chattanooga, I took the same approach when we left our church in Bolivia. We established our second church but needed to return to the USA after that church was just 20 months old. We grew to love our church people a lot. Overall, we lived in Bolivia for 18 years. Once my family and I made the decision to return the US, I went house to house to explain the reason we were leaving. It really wrenched my soul during that period. However, when we did leave the church we felt like it was not such a shock.

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