Ep 53: Ted Traylor

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Ted Traylor, Senior Pastor of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Jeremy and Dr. Traylor discuss longevity in ministry, following a long-term pastor, dealing with crises, preaching processes, and SEC football.
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  1. You’ve served as Senior Pastor at Olive Baptist in Pensacola since 1990. To what do you attribute the keys to longevity at one church?
  2. Interestingly, you followed a long-term pastor. How were you able to navigate the waters of pastoring a church led by the same person for such a long period of time?
  3. Your church experienced a really hard situation with massive flooding in your worship center. What are some key things to remember when we, as ministers, go through crises at our churches?
  4. I love listening to you preach. What is your routine when you go through sermon preparation?
  5. Sadly, you’re a big Bama football fan. How are you feeling about the SEC this season?

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