Time Change


Remember to change all the clocks in your house, in your car(s), and on your wrist.  Tomorrow evening, make sure you set the clocks ahead one hour.  With a combination of the potential light snowfall tomorrow and the time change, I hope you will still keep in mind what your priorities need to be in relation to God, corporately gathering with our church, and seeing that He is more important than an extra hour of sleep.
I also hope you will remind friends and family members of this important change in time.  I encourage you to be prepared to corporately worship this Sunday.  Study Mark chapter 1 before coming to church as I will be preaching from this text.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.  Remember – 9:45 for Sunday Morning Bible Study, 10:30 for morning worship, and 6:00 for evening worship.  See you then…on time