Ep 92: Holly Tate (New School Church Staffing and Inbound Marketing)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Holly Tate. Holly is the Director of Business Development at Vanderbloemen Search Group. Jeremy and Holly discuss new school church staffing and inbound marketing.
  1. For those not familiar with Holly Tate, what is your background?
  2. I recently read your boss, William Vanderbloemen, put the following on Facebook: “If we end up being a long term “success” at Vanderbloemen, you will be able to draw a straight line from it back to the day I hired Holly Tate. She rocks!” You have been able to help lead Vanderbloemen Search Group into being a very recognizable brand in the church world. What are some keys to this recognition?
  3. The idea of hiring a search firm is definitely a new school idea. How do you see church staffing transitioning as we move into the future?
  4. One of the ways Vanderbloemen Search Group reaches more people is via webinars. Have you ever thought about inbound marketing for churches? How could churches leverage this strategy?



Keeping your volunteer team up-to-speed and developing new leaders is hard. The way you’ve been doing it, empty meetings and unread emails, isn’t working.

You need something that lets you engage new volunteers while their interest is hot. Something to help you develop leaders as they grow, in real time. Something your people will appreciate because it saves them time. Heck, something that saves you time, too.

It’s time for TrainedUp.


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