Ep 45: Matt Surber

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Matt Surber. Serving as Lead Pastor of Castle Hills Church in San Antonio, Matt is in the process of leading the way for selling the behemoth Castle Hills Church campus and moving the church to a de-centralized multisite approach. Matt is married to Becky, and they have two boys.
  1. You have taken over as pastor of two different churches that had facilities way too big for their needs, i neighborhoods that changed demographically while the church had not. The same happened to me in Chattanooga. What are your thoughts on mammoth church campuses across America that are in a similar situation?
  2. You have led two churches to a multisite model.  What do you see as the biggest pros and cons of going multisite?
  3. Castle Hills Church had been in the midst of decline for several years, and now the church is growing again. As a leader in church revitalization, what are some key things our listeners could learn about taking over an established churches and leading it from decline and bad finances, back into health?

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