7 Ways to Help Your Children Learn About Jesus while on Summer Break

We are right in the middle of the summer. This is the time when many parents are counting down the days to when school starts so you can have a bit of a break. I hope this article will help you to see how you can take advantage of the days you have left in this sunny season.


Some of these ideas may come across as corny to you. Taken the wrong way, they are. This is, however, a way for you to use normal, everyday kinds of summer activities, and point your kids to Christ.


  1. Start doing family devotions.


If you haven’t read it already, you should click here to learn about how I recommend you doing family devotions. The key is for you to actually start doing family devotions. Try it tonight.


  1. Listen to Christian worship songs or watch Christian shows/movies during road trips.


Are you driving somewhere this summer? Even if it is across town, throw on the local Christian radio station. Get some good DVDs with wholesome stories, if your vehicle has a DVD players. For younger kids, try SuperBook DVDs or Veggie Tales. For older kids, try things like the movies “God’s Not Dead,” or “Courageous.”


  1. When around the water, teach of how Jesus walked on it.


This is the kind of time you can use the pool, or lake, or beach to teach your kids about Christ. Read Matthew 14:22–33 to them.


  1. When seeing lightning bugs (AKA fireflies) in the evening, explain how we shouldn’t hide our light under a bushel, but should let it shine.


Read Matthew 5:15 to your kids and explain the need for evangelistic fervor. You could even catch lightning bugs and put them in an old peanut butter jar (with holes poked in the top), and explain that when the bugs are in there, not many people get to experience their light. When they’re unleashed, however, the lights shine all over the place.


  1. When someone complains about the heat, use that as an opportunity to explain the need for a white-hot fire to reach others for Jesus.


Explain the Great Commission to your kids. Tell them that if they want to live for Jesus, they will do whatever they can see more and deeper followers of Jesus.


  1. When the afternoon showers pour, pray for a deluge of the Holy Spirit upon your family and community for revival. Pray for “mercy drops” from heaven.


This is a great reminder of how you can pray for revival. Pray for it every time you see the rain. Beg God for His downpour upon your community.


  1. Memorize a Bible verse together as a family this summer.


You could memorize a verse I’ve mentioned or another one the Lord puts on your heart. The key is to intentionally memorize a verse as an entire family.


I hope these seven ideas help your children to learn about Jesus this summer. Have any more ideas? Let me know in the comment section below.

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