7 Structural Tweaks You Can Make to See Church Growth

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It is always healthy to assess, then reassess how your church is structured in order to maximize growth. Now is a prime time to do that. Think through a few key areas of your church’s structure and ponder what areas need a shake-up or slight change.


In many ways, I am writing this article for my own need to assess areas of the church I pastor. Join me in this process.


  1. SERMON PREP & DELIVERY: How is your preaching doing? Watch yourself preach and note any changes you need to make. Also, note the way you’re actually preparing the sermon.


A tweak I’ve recently made is that I am trying to preach shorter than before. Since I am a manuscript preacher, I can tell how long I’m going to preach via my word count in the manuscript. I trimmed 500 words from the manuscript (now around 2,800 words), and am around 33 minutes per sermon.


  1. MEETINGS: Lead pastors need to individually meet weekly with their direct reports. This is a new belief that I hold, and have shifted to this in the last two months. It has been fruitful.


When you meet weekly with your direct reports, it makes it way easier to have clear delegation, go over any problems, and become proactive to move the ministry to another level.


  1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Assess your lay and staff leadership development process(es). Are you pouring into your staff team? How about your volunteers? Do they have clarity of what they’re supposed to do and how to do it?


A way I am thinking about doing this is via video training to explain how to minister in specific ways so they will know more specifically of our staff team’s desires.


  1. FOLLOW UP: Analyze how efficiently your follow-up processes are looking. Are guests actually getting called? Are you going the extra mile to write handwritten notes to them and email them? How about a week after they visit . . . are you following up with them again?


  1. ASSIMILATION: How are you transitioning people from the front door of your church to becoming fully implemented into members who volunteer, regularly attend services and a small group, give, etc.?


  1. FACILITY ASSESSMENT: How does your church campus look? Any repairs needed? Touch-up paint? Is there clutter anywhere? Does it smell refreshing?


Thom Rainer has a fantastic podcast episode about this. I looked around this past Sunday, and was reminded of several areas where we need to de-clutter some of our campus. Clutter drives me crazy, and guests notice it.


  1. ONLINE PRESENCE: How does your website look? Is it all up-to-date? Click around on every page on your church website and note anything that is out-of-date with either calendar things or pictures that are really old.


I don’t know about you, but I plan on seeking to assess my local church ministry to move us to another level. If you think of other structural areas that should be tweaked to see church growth, please let me know in the comment section below.

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