Ep 46: Scott Simmons

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Scott Simmons, pastor of Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church in Flintstone, GA. Scott is also an attorney, having earned both an MBA and JD from The University of Tennessee. They discuss gay marriage and the Church, protection from perverts in kids and student ministries, church security, transgender bathrooms, housing allowance, land use (taxation)
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  1. Gay marriage is now legal in America. How do churches need to address this situation, from a legal perspective? I’m particularly interested in learning what the deal is with constitution & bylaws, as well as wedding policies.
  2. Sadly, more and more churches catch perverts who want to serve in kids and student ministries at churches. How can churches protect the kids who are a part of our ministries, and how do we protect the church from these people?
  3. How should churches handle security, from a legal perspective?
  4. What are your thoughts on the housing allowance and overall taxation of pastors now, and in the future?
  5. Do you foresee a day when churches are taxed?

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