4 Ways Leaders Can Leverage Screencast Videos

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A screencast is a video that just shows what is on your computer screen that is often accompanied with commentary by the “screencaster.” I’ve become a big fan of screencasts. They’re simple, effective tools of communication.


Before we get into details of how you can leverage screenshot videos, allow me to show you how to make one. It is really simple. Watch the video below.


How do you create a screencast?

Ok. Now, you know how to make a screenshot video. How can you leverage this cool tool to be a better leader? Here are four ways you can do it:


  1. Explain computer-related “How To” tasks.


I’ve used screencasts for explanations of computer-related tasks like how to create our church’s eNewsletter, how to submit video announcements to the company that creates them for us, how to update our website, and other things like that.


The video below is how to update our church’s “central hub.”



  1. Do a leadership training webinar.


If you want to train your volunteers via video, you could create a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, then show it via screencast, and expound on whatever is written in the presentation.


  1. Show people something related to a project on which you’re working that would be easier to explain by showing it to them than writing about it.


An example of this may be by going through the order of worship for a big worship service. For example, we will soon have a high attendance Sunday where the order of worship will be significantly different than what we do on a typical weekend.


Because of this, I will create a screencast by going through the order of worship, with the order on the screen, then explaining transitions and other things like that. It’d be easier for the end user to have the order of worship in front of their eyes while I narrate through things.


  1. Give feedback on progress or regress in a specific area of your organization.


This is helpful when going through reports of attendance, finances, etc. If you want to talk through things with a group of people who can’t all be together in person, this is the quickest way to address that kind of stuff.


If you’ve never tried a screencast before, I encourage you to give in a shot. They’re so easy end effective.


p.s. The most-watched screencast I’ve ever created is about how pastors can use Evernote. You may want to check that one out by clicking here.


Have you ever created a screencast? For what did you make it? How did it work out for you? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Photo Cred: Stocksnap by Matthew Henry

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