Six Predictions of the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

We are just days away from the commencement of the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting. Much conjecture of the outcome of next week has filled phone calls, texts, tweets, and the like. Here are six of my predictions . . .


  1. The “For Such a Time as This” rally will be the main national headline.


I don’t have any idea of the size of the rally. It will, however, be a natural photo-op for the press. More importantly, the horrific problem of devaluing women will be brought to the surface.


  1. Paige Patterson will, indeed, end up preaching the convention sermon.


Editor’s note, June 8, 10:00 a.m.: Whelp, I couldn’t be more wrong about this one. Dr. Patterson has withdrawn from preaching the convention sermon. Click here for more details.

At 9:27 a.m. on Tuesday morning of the annual meeting, when the president calls the meeting to order, a motion will be made to remove Dr. Patterson as the preacher of the convention sermon. A majority of those in attendance will vote to remove him of this opportunity.


However, I have been told by multiple people that a majority of registered messengers must vote to remove Dr. Patterson as the convention preacher. With 11,000ish messengers, do I realistically think 5,600ish registered messengers will be present in the convention hall and will vote to remove Dr. Patterson as the convention preacher? No, I do not. There simply won’t be enough people in the room to vote that way.


I would hope, for the sake of peace, Dr. Patterson would recuse himself from this, but it doesn’t appear that is going to happen. I believe he will, indeed, preach the convention sermon.


  1. The presidential election will be significantly closer than most would ever think.


I’ve heard people compare the Greear v. Hemphill election to Mondale v. Reagan in 1984. That’s hyperbolic. It will be way closer than most are predicting.


  1. The Nominating Committee’s recommendations will not be rubber-stamped.


With all of the commotion that’s been stirred relating to Southwestern Seminary (SWBTS), I do not foresee any rubber stamping for the current SWBTS trustees who are up for re-election to their posts. I am sure some pushback will come, and it will be tense on the microphones.


  1. The role of women in ministry will be brought up in multiple motions.


The conversation related to egalitarianism and complementarianism is bubbling. During motions, this conversation will bubble up more and more.


  1. Disunity will be so strong that legitimate conversations of a split of the SBC will fill the hallways.


This will pertain to Calvinism vs. non-Calvinism, young vs. old, egalitarian vs. complementarian, and the types of leaders taking over for current entity openings (IMB, EC, and SWBTS). I hope I am wrong on this.


Do you have any predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I think all your predictions are on point pastor. Seems like yesterday that I was a student at SWBTS and the trustees ousted Dr. Dilday; was his needed to happen. I have feared our conventions arrogance for some time however. We got doctrine right but we put aside humility somewhere along the way. Thankful for men like you who preach the word and live above the fray.

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