Ep 48: Dr. Ike Reighard

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Ike Reighard. Serving as President/CEO of MUST Ministries and as Senior Pastor of Piedmont Church in suburban Atlanta (Marietta, GA), Ike is a major leader and change agent. Ike is married to Kaye, and has two daughters, Eden and Evie.
Ike has appeared in articles and news stories in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, The Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Magazine, Continental Inflight Magazine, HR Innovator, HR Executive, SHRM Magazine, Mortgage Banking Magazine, Workforce Management, National Public Radio, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, NBC Nightly News and others.

Among Ike’s numerous speaking engagements, he has had the privilege of speaking before the Georgia General Assembly and the United States Congress.

Ike is the author of Treasures From The Dark, Discovering Your North Star and Discovering Your North Star Journal. Contributing Author to Human Capital Management Strategies (part of Aspatore’s Inside the Mind Series. Ike has co-authored a daily inspirational book, Success Insights, with Zig Ziglar for Tyndale House Publishing. Release Date: September 2009. Daily Insights.
Dr. Reighard and Jeremy discuss ministry to the poor, community outreach, church revitalization, pastoral career choices.
  1. In addition to your role as Senior Pastor of Piedmont Church, you serve as President/CEO of MUST Ministries. What does that ministry involve?
  2. You are a very community-minded pastor. What are some key ways you’ve led Piedmont Church to reach your community?
  3. Piedmont Church was in shambles when you became interim pastor there. What is the story behind how you wound up as pastor there, and what are some keys to seeing the church revitalized?
  4. Your career has taken a unique trajectory. You were a senior pastor at the second-fastest-growing church in the SBC, then went to FBC Atlanta, then planted NorthStar, then to HomeBanc, and also to Piedmont. Often, guys go from one church to a church a little bit larger, then a larger one, and so on. How has God led you every step of the way throughout your career?

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