Ep 62: Thom Rainer

In this episode, Jeremy interview Dr. Thom Rainer, President/CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. They discuss LifeWay, online courses, podcasting, and internet church.
  1. LifeWay is in the midst of moving from its huge campus in downtown Nashville to a new, more efficient building. How is that going?
  2. You recently launched “Invite Your One,” an online course that is a strategy to gather a mass of people on one day at your church. I’ve taught an online course, too. What are your thoughts of online courses, after having released this successful one?
  3. Your podcast has surpassed 2 million downloads. Where do you see podcasting going in the future?
  4. As one who has grown in significant influence via your online presence, and who has shifted LifeWay from merely a publishing company to a tenacious digital conglomerate, you’ve seen how the internet is changing the world. What are your thoughts on the future of online church?
  5. What are some key trends you’re seeing in American local churches right now?
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