4 Keys to Overcoming Procrastination

This article is posting on a Monday. A fresh week is before you. Tasks are waiting to be accomplished.


It can be tempting to put off stuff that has to be done. Procrastination is easy. How do you overcome it? Here are four keys:


  1. Awaken earlier.


The early mornings are my best times of knocking out tasks. Distractions are lessened. When you have more time, it is more likely you will take care of business. Awakening earlier is key to overcoming procrastination.


  1. Use a task list.


I prefer wunderlist as my digital task list of choice. Whatever you use . . . a napkin, whiteboard, generic piece of paper, an app, just make sure you use one. It helps you to focus on what needs to be accomplished.


Prioritizing the order of the task list is important. At the top, put the tasks that MUST be accomplished that day. Then, put the stuff you don’t want to do, but must be fulfilled, right under the MUSTS.


  1. Don’t leave the office until you accomplish your MUSTS on the task list.


I mean it. Take care of the MUSTS. If you don’t, your procrastination will result in significant damage on your productivity, which will damage your organization (church, business, etc.).


As you look at your task list, what MUST you do today? Guard your time to make that happen.


  1. Have a supervisor or colleague help you with accountability.


If you struggle with procrastination, a great way to overcome it is to ask someone for help. If you have a friend outside of your organization, you could ask them to hold you accountable. If you want to amp up the pressure to make sure you become more consistent in accomplishing tasks, ask your supervisor for his/her help.


I close by sharing this anecdotal perspective with you: Have you ever noticed that people who are perfectionists are often procrastinators? Procrastination is a byproduct of perfectionism. You keep thinking, “If I can’t do it just right, I shouldn’t do it right now.” As a result, you never do it.


Don’t get me wrong. You need excellence. You should seek to have excellence in all things, and all things for the glory of God. You should not, however, seek to be perfect.


Live by this mantra: I choose to seek a lifestyle of excellence instead of a lifestyle of perfection.


Perfection is impossible. Excellence is attainable.


I hope these four tips will help you to overcome procrastination. Have any other ideas for tips in this area? Let me know in the comment section below.

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