Ep 85: Bill Price (Fundraising, Giving Trends, and Legacy Giving)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Bill Price. Sam serves as founder of Impact Stewardship, a leading church capital stewardship firm, based in suburban Nashville. Jeremy and Bill discuss fundraising, giving trends, and legacy giving.
  1. Give us a little background on your life and ministry. For those not familiar with Bill Price, where are you from, what is your family like, and what do you do?
  2. You founded Impact Stewardship, a top-notch stewardship firm. What trends are you seeing, pertaining to capital campaigns?
  3. I’ve read various reports about giving decreasing at most churches. What are some reasons for this and how do we fix it?
  4. You are really good at teaching about legacy giving. We’ve talked about it many times. What is “legacy giving” and how do you implement a legacy giving strategy for a church?

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