Ep 43: Paige Patterson

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In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Paige Patterson. As President of my alma mater (M.Div., class of ‘ 07), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Patterson is a major leader in theological education and the Southern Baptist Convention, over which he served as President (1998-2000).
Dr. Patterson and Jeremy discuss the value of work itself, the chic topic of hustling, work ethic, and then they take a right turn and discuss the SBC Conservative Resurgence, the changing landscape of American local churches, and advice to younger pastors.
  1. You have served as president of SWBTS since 2003. What is your favorite memory in your 13 years there?
  2. SWBTS is launching the new school of preaching. What will this program entail?
  3. One of the things for which you’re most famous is your leadership, along with Judge Paul Pressler, in the Conservative Resurgence of the Southern Baptist Convention. Would you please give us a brief overview of how liberal the SBC was, and what was the strategy to swing it back to its biblical roots?
  4. The methodological strategies of local American churches have changed a lot since I graduated from SWBTS in 2007. What are your thoughts on the changing landscape of methodology in local churches over the last decade?
  5. You talk to a lot of younger preachers and pastors. What are some key pieces of advice you could instill in our listeners who are younger men of God?

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  1. I appreciated his insights on having church every night. As a church planting missionary, I am reaching out to people who know absolutely nothing about God or His Word. I wish I could have church every night because there is so much to learn and teach. I am not sure how many would come every night. LOL

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