Ep 58: Brandon Park

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Brandon Park, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Raytown, in Kansas City, MO and founder of LifeCoach Discipleship. Jeremy and Brandon discuss discipleship, technology, leadership, and preaching.
  1. You recently released a major project called LifeCoach Discipleship. What is it all about?
  2. How did you go about getting such an intricate app put together and eventually launched?
  3. You filmed videos for LifeCoach all over the world. What was you favorite place to film?
  4. Let’s shift gears and talk about your ministry at FBC Raytown. You pastor a church that, prior to your arrival, experienced a tough situation due to have a pastor fall morally. What have you learned about the healing of a church, considering your unique situation?
  5. You preach via teleprompter, and I have since copied you and do it, too. How exactly do you preach via teleprompter?
  6. You are a tech geek, like me. What are some of your favorite areas of technology to reach people for Christ?


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