Ep 44: Johnnie Moore

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Johnnie Moore, President of The Kairos Company, a PR firm that connects high level Christian leaders and those who want/need to access them. Before founding his own firm, Johnnie served as Chief of Staff and Vice President of Faith Content for his United Artists Media Group (an MGM company), and as Senior VP of Liberty University. Jeremy and Johnnie discuss P. R., Christian-related entertainment, refugees, Liberty University, and the presidential election.
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  1. You are a high level P.R. Executive. What exactly does that mean? What sort of Public Relations do you and the Kairos Company handle?
  2. You formerly served as the right hand man to Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey. What are your thoughts in Christian-related entertainment after working for them?
  3. You’re the author of Defying ISIS, and have studied how entire populations of Christians are being eliminated by ISIS. What are your thoughts on ISIS right now, and why do you think ISIS is so rarely talked about in churches?
  4. You formerly served as Senior VP of Liberty University. What are some of your favorite memories of your one dozen years in leadership there?
  5. Lastly, at the time of this episode being released, we’re just 69 days from election day. What are your general thoughts on the presidential election?

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