Key Changes I’m Making to My Online Ministry

This is an abnormal post for me to write. Typically, I try to keep the focus on church growth, creativity, leadership, and vision. This post is for the purpose of expressing some changes I am making to more effectively reach people via and the other online strategies that spoke from this online hub.


I usually try really hard to not talk about myself too much. This post requires this to an extent in order for you to have full context of the changes I’m making.


Since I started blogging and podcasting really intentionally two years ago, has grown to reach 162 of the 195 countries in the world, 26K+ people like, and the podcast has reached nearly 20K unique listeners.



The Jeremy Roberts Leadership Podcast is successful, but I believe it is under-utilized. My audio feed on iTunes is changing names to “The Jeremy Roberts Audio Experience” because the audio will be more than just the weekly show.


In addition to the weekly show, I am going to begin providing an audio version of every blog post. Really, this is not much extra work, but will help people substantially. In a recent twitter poll I ran, 42% of people responded by saying they’d prefer to listen to a blog post than read it.


I will also begin releasing my sermons in The Jeremy Roberts Audio Experience and audio versions of strategic videos I create for the online audience. This will result in fresh content being on the iTunes feed at least every Sunday–Thursday.



The weekly leadership podcast will continue, and will shift from being released on Tuesdays to releasing on Mondays. Across the Christian non-preaching podcast landscape, most people release new programming on Tuesdays. It only makes sense to try to capitalize a different day.


The show will have a new intro/outro, and I am adding a “resource of the week” segment to try to do a better job at providing something practical to the listeners.



I’m in the midst of building a video studio to make this happen with excellence. The direction of the internet has shifted where people consume more and more video. The cheese has moved, and I am going after it (if this reference is weird to you, you must read this book).


Beginning August 10th, I’m releasing a weekly video show called “Ask Pastor Jeremy.” This show will focus on me answering quick questions, and most episodes will hopefully be around five minutes in length.


Furthermore, I plan to release quite a few videos, teaching some of the same content I’ve written in blog posts, and putting them on both the website and on various social media outlets, including YouTube.



I am transitioning my private Facebook to being closed and will only use my public page, I encourage you to “LIKE” my public page. As I stated earlier, my public Facebook page has grown to over 26,000 followers. I need to focus on the significantly larger audience to reach more people. If you and I are private Facebook friends, please connect on my public page via liking it so we can stay in touch.


These changes are exciting! Thanks so much for reading, listening, and watching my content. It means the world to me.


Lastly, if you have any comments or questions about any of this, please let me know in the comment section below. Your comments are my oxygen!

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