Ep 84: Maurilio Amorim (Marketing, Branding, Social Media Strategies)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Maurilio Amorim. Maurilio serves as CEO of the A Group and is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur. A results-oriented leader, Maurilio is especially gifted in developing compelling marketing campaigns and groundbreaking software. Jeremy and Maurilio discuss marketing, branding, and social media strategies.
  1. You are the CEO of the A Group. What does your firm do?
  2. You are skilled in helping organizations and leaders position themselves to build a platform and gain more influence. For our listeners who want to more intentionally gain influence, where do they begin?
  3. What are some keys to churches developing a more intentional brand for both local and national or international influence?
  4. You observe changes in social media trends for a living. What are some key things you’re seeing with social media now, and where do you see things going in the future?

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