Ep 91: Rod Martin (Technology and the Future, Entrepreneurialism in Local Church Ministry)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Rod Martin. Rod is an entrepreneur, futurist, and philosopher capitalist who loves Jesus and thinks strategically about the present and future of ministry for God’s glory. Jeremy and Rod discuss Rod’s thoughts on the SBC, technology and the future, and entrepreneurialism in local church ministry.
  1. For those not familiar with Rod Martin, what is your background?
  2. You recently wrote an article entitled “An Entrepreneur’s Plan to Double the SBC in 20 Years.” What was that article all about?
  3. You are a technologist. I have a fascination with virtual reality, augmented reality, and the idea of wearing contact lenses that blur what’s really there and what isn’t. What is some fascinating technology that will change the next few decades?
  4. Entrepreneurialism has become cool. You love to start and develop various business opportunities. For pastors and church leaders who have an entrepreneurial bend, how can they leverage that passion for the Kingdom of God?



Keeping your volunteer team up-to-speed and developing new leaders is hard. The way you’ve been doing it, empty meetings and unread emails, isn’t working.

You need something that lets you engage new volunteers while their interest is hot. Something to help you develop leaders as they grow, in real time. Something your people will appreciate because it saves them time. Heck, something that saves you time, too.

It’s time for TrainedUp.


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