Ep 99: Shawn Lovejoy (Overcoming Being Stuck & Implementing Systems)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Shawn Lovejoy. Shawn is a former church planter and megachurch pastor (Mountain Lake Church) who now serves as a full-time coach to leaders through his ministry, “Courage to Lead.” Jeremy and Shawn discuss overcoming being stuck and implementing systems.
  1. For those not familiar with Shawn Lovejoy, what is your background?
  2. You coach pastors and other leaders. I hear this term tossed around a lot. What does that mean?
  3. Allow me to throw out a hypothetical situation to which I’m sure many of the listeners can relate. Let’s say someone is at a church that has been around the same attendance for 2-3 years. They’re stuck. How does one go about assessing why they’re stuck and how to get out of the rut?
  4. Systems seem to be underrated and not discussed enough in church leadership circles. What are the main systems a church needs to implement and assess?
  5. You recently released a new book, Be Mean About the Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters. What is the book about?

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