Ep 54: J. R. Lee

In this episode, Jeremy interviews J. R. Lee, Pastor of Freedom Church in Acworth, GA. As founding pastor of Freedom Church, Pastor J. R. has led the congregation to become one of the fastest-growing churches in the country, according to Outreach Magazine. They discuss church planting, marketing, and systems: (1) first impressions, (2) follow up, (3) volunteer development.
  1. You planted Freedom Church in suburban Atlanta, and the ministry has exploded in growth. What led you to plant Freedom?
  2. Freedom Church is really skilled in marketing. What are some keys to marketing (both paid and building into the DNA for word of mouth)?
  3. Let’s talk about church systems. Watching from afar, I’ve enjoyed seeing how efficient Freedom is in developing systems to reach people.
    1. What are some keys to your first impressions ministry?
    2. How do you guys follow-up with prospects . . . short-term and long-term?
    3. As you recruit and develop volunteers, what are some of the most important things you’ve learned since you planted Freedom?

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