4 Leadership Lessons LeBron James Taught Me

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I love watching LeBron play. It’s like watching a person created in a super lab just to be a basketball player. At 6’ 8”, 265 lbs., with the strength of an ox, court vision like Magic Johnson, and quickness of a gazelle, he is the second-best basketball player in history (second only to Michael Jordan).


After having watched ‘Bron ‘Bron play over the last fourteen years, I’ve learned some leadership lessons from him:


  1. Work hard behind the scenes so you can succeed when it’s game time.


I read this article from Business Insider about what LeBron eats and how he exercises in the offseason, when nobody else is around, to be successful when he gets back on the court during the season. When nobody else is watching, he is in classes like spin or VersaClimber to make sure he is ready when it counts.


Leaders must hustle in their preparation efforts. Most leadership occurs where people can’t see it—in the preparation stages.


  1. Giving, and not just receiving, is really rewarding.


LeBron is known as being a multi-dimensional player who loves to pass. He’s way more Magic than he is Michael. As a result, other players really want to play with him because they know he will pass, unlike most superstars. This results in LeBron being able to surround himself with amazing players.


If you’re in a position of leadership, you are way more likely to be able to recruit and develop other excellent people on your time if you are a giver. LeBron’s giving approach to the game reminds me that I need to give more and more in my pastoral leadership.


  1. Faithfulness leads to a more stable life.


Something that is rarely discussed is that LeBron and his wife, Savannah, have been together since he was 16 and she was 15. Professional athletes are notorious about infidelity, but LeBron and Savannah have been together for a really long time. Have you noticed that most people who are great leaders are very stable in their home life?


  1. Take breaks from social media.


LeBron takes time away from social media during the playoffs. Go to @KingJames on twitter right now, and you’ll see his latest tweet, “Zero Dark Thirty—23 Activated!! #StriveForGreatness” from April 14th. It is not healthy or wise leadership to be on social media too much. LeBron knows that when it is crunch time, he must focus.


I’m taking the month of July off from blogging and podcasting this year because I know I need some extra time to focus on other things. It is good leadership to take breaks from heavy internet activity.


LeBron is more than just an amazing basketball player; he is a phenomenal leader. Take these leadership lessons and apply them to your leadership.


Have any additional thoughts on leadership lessons you can learn from LeBron? Let me know in the comment section below.

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