Ep 76: Jay Kranda

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Jay Kranda, online campus pastor for Saddleback Church in Southern California. Jay is a specialist in executing and teaching strategic systems to attract online viewers, then convert them into attending an actual physical church service at your church.
Connect with Jay Kranda Online:
– For those not familiar with Jay Kranda, tell me a little about your background & family.

– You oversee online church for Saddleback Church. What is online church?

– How would one go about launching an online church strategy?
– How far away do you think we are from online church being normal to a majority people? What I mean by “normal” is that they’d consider going to church online as the same as going to a physical campus.
– What technologies are on the horizon to move online church to another level? (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

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