How to Do A Podcast

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I started The Jeremy Roberts Leadership Podcast in October 2015. I did a lot of research into the best way to do a podcast. As is the case with everything, you can do things cheaply, expensively, or moderately-priced.


I chose to ease into podcasting with a moderately-priced strategy, and then to upgrade equipment as I went along, if I decided to continue to podcast. Looking back, I think I made the right decision.


The king of podcasting is “The Podcast Answer Man.” You need to read and listen to his stuff. He is a podcasting genius.


Here is how I went through the process of launching my podcast. I hope it helps you . . .


  1. Determine What Kind of Podcast You Want to Host


A lot of people have podcasts. What is the purpose of you launching one? I decided to do one that is primarily an interview approach. Others go with one guy talking. Others have a person on their staff interview them about their blog posts. Even others are basically Q&A approaches to podcasting.


  1. Determine How Often You Want to Post New Episodes


I do a weekly podcast. At the minimum, you need to release new episodes at least monthly. Consistency is key to having a good podcast. For example, my audience expects me to launch new episodes every Tuesday. Over Christmas, I chose to take a break for a week, and got several emails from people asking why an episode wasn’t posted. People expect it to come consistently.


  1. Buy and Download the Necessary Equipment and Software


Here’s the equipment I bought (all on Amazon):


Here’s the software I downloaded:


  1. Get A Professional Intro/Outro Created


An awesome company I recently learned about is These guys are really good.


  1. Set Up an Account with Blubrry


Blubrry is the site I use to host my podcast. This is the most popular site.


  1. Push Your Podcast from Blubrry to iTunes


In order to push your podcast from Blubrry to iTunes, you need to click here and follow the three steps given. It’s really simple.


  1. Prepare for Your Episode


If you click here, you can see the typical preparation document I go through before I record a podcast episode.


In addition to lining up your guest, if you have one, prepare your questions and other necessary details that may be needed.


  1. Record the Podcast


This is where the rubber meets the road. Actually record the episode.


  1. Edit the Episode


You need to play with Audacity to figure out how to edit it. It is really simple.


  1. Release the Episode


Something I love about Blubrry is that you can schedule episodes to release in the future. You could just release it immediately if you so desired.


  1. Promote the Episode


Push the tar out of the episode. After all, you already put in the work. Now, make sure people listen to it. Push it on social media, your email list, your website, on your business card, in your email signature, etc.


I hope this post helps you to create an amazing podcast. Have any thoughts or questions? Let me hear them in the comment section below!


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