Ep 60: Tim Hammond

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Tim Hammond, Next Gen Pastor at Aletheia Church in Columbus, GA. Jeremy and Tim discuss family, worship ministry, marketing, technology, and stage design.
  1. Your wife is expecting your first child. You work with and for your dad. Family is a big part of your life. When it comes to doing ministry with your family, and in particular with your dad as your senior pastor, how do you separate family life from work life . . . or do you?
  2. You’ve served as a worship pastor at churches of all different sizes and styles. What are some trends you’re seeing in worship ministry these days?
  3. You’re very skilled in marketing for the church. What are some keys you’re seeing with church marketing?
  4. You are a tech geek, like me. What are some of your favorite areas of technology to reach people for Christ?
  5. You work hard at stage design. What are some tips to stage design to make it look sharp, yet not cost much money?

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