Ep 100: Jack Graham (church growth, fundraising, sermon preparation, and media ministry)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Jack Graham. Dr. Graham is pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and Prosper, TX and leads a media ministry, “PowerPoint.” Jeremy and Dr. Graham discuss church growth, fundraising, sermon preparation, and media ministry.



Keeping your volunteer team up-to-speed and developing new leaders is hard. The way you’ve been doing it, empty meetings and unread emails, isn’t working.

You need something that lets you engage new volunteers while their interest is hot. Something to help you develop leaders as they grow, in real time. Something your people will appreciate because it saves them time. Heck, something that saves you time, too.

It’s time for TrainedUp.

One of the tools I am most excited about is Sermonary. It’s a revolutionary sermon building platform for pastors. Pastors have used everything from Evernote, Google Docs to Word but there has never been a dedicated sermon building platform, until now. Using their drag and drop builder, writing sermons has never been easier. You can add your name to the waiting list by going to sermonary.co.

  1. Our audience just heard your official bio. Beyond your ministry background, what was life like for you growing up in Conway, AR and then Fort Worth, TX?
  2. You have seen phenomenal growth in your ministry at Prestonwood since 1989. How have church growth strategies changed from your arrival in Dallas in the late ‘80s to the present?
  1. You’ve led the church to build up two mammoth campuses, and the ministry is debt-free. What are some key ways you’ve learned to raise money for ministry expansion?
  2. Let’s talk about your preaching process. What are some keys for your sermon preparation?
  3. PowerPoint with Jack Graham has grown and grown and grown. You reach people online, via TV, and radio. Your dear friend, Phil Cooke was on the podcast and we discussed his thoughts on the present and future of television ministry, in particular. What are your general thoughts on reaching the world via TV?


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