Ep 49: Mike Glenn

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Mike Glenn, Senior Pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church in suburban Nashville. They discuss multisite, leadership development, longevity in ministry, reaching millennials (Kairos), the change in the church landscape.
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  1. You have led Brentwood from one location to six locations. What are some keys to multisite ministry you’ve learned over this transition?
  2. You’re really strong at developing leaders around you. What’s the secret sauce to leadership development?
  3. You’ve served at the same church since 1991. What are some keys to longevity at a church?
  4. You started Kairos, a service geared toward young adult. What are some keys you see to reaching millennials?
  5. The church landscape appears to be changing drastically. What are some of the primary changes you’re seeing out there right now?

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