Ep 82: Steve Gaines (Southern Baptist Convention President)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Steve Gaines. Dr. Gaines serves as president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. Jeremy and Dr. Gaines discuss the SBC and denominationalism.


  1. You are the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. What has been your greatest joy in your first year in this role?
  2. In this first year presiding over the denomination, you had to navigate the tumultuous waters of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. What was that like?
  3. Denominationalism is in a unique position right now. Networks like ARC and Acts 29 are popping up with less bureaucracy and challenging some dedicated finances that used to go to denominations. Not just for the SBC, but for denominations in general, what do you see as their future?
  4. At the time of this recording, the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting is just a few weeks away, in Phoenix. What are some key things about which you’re excited?

2 Comments on “Ep 82: Steve Gaines (Southern Baptist Convention President)”

  1. Very informative and authentic. 👍👍 I’m a big fan of Steve Gaines–regardless of him being a BAMA fan like my wife.😕

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