Ep 67: Ronnie Floyd

Welcome to episode 67 of the podcast! In this episode, I interview Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, and the immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. We discuss the Southern Baptist Convention, how to have a long-tenured pastorate, leadership, and changing culture in the church you lead.





  1. Your tenure as Southern Baptist Convention president lasted from 2014-2016. You’ve now had a few months since you led America’s largest protestant denomination. What were some of your favorite things you accomplished during your time as SBC president?
  2. You’ve pastored Cross Church for 30 years. What are some keys to long pastoral tenure?
  3. In 2001, you transitioned from a single-site to a multisite approach (before nearly anyone else had done it). Now, you have five locations. What are your general thoughts on a multisite philosophy of ministry?
  4. One of your most known characteristics is that you’re a strong leader. How do you grow in your leadership development?
  5. Over time, you took what was a traditional First Baptist Church and led it to change to become an innovative ministry known as “Cross Church” that is extremely progressive in its methodology. How have you grown to learn to change the culture of a local church?

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