10 Simple Action Steps to See Church Growth This Fall

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School starts in most communities really soon. This means church growth season is nigh upon us. People will soon be back from summer vacations and longer weekend getaways to get back into the routine of life.

What I’m proposing below is far from groundbreaking. If you’re the type of person to read a blog post about church growth, you know most (if not all) of these types of action steps to see church growth. Consider this post a friendly reminder if what we ministry leaders should do to see growth this fall.

1. Start or enhance a prayer ministry.

I’ve recently been convicted about this at Church of the Highlands, and we’re about to launch an entirely new prayer ministry. No great movement of God happens apart from the prayer of God’s people.

2. Make the church more sticky. Close the back door.

Are you offering enough small groups at the right times with the right leaders? Are you providing enough volunteer opportunities for people? The simplest way to close the back door of your church is via plugging people in to small groups and volunteer opportunities.

3. Hustle hard in outreach. Open the front door as wide as possible.

Are you creating opportunities to reach out to your community? I don’t care which philosophy you have in this area (missional, attractional, all of the above, etc.), the point is that you are doing SOMETHING to reach out to the community.

4. Use Facebook ads.

Facebook ads work. We’ve talked about this. Use them. I just launched a $150 ad for an upcoming high attendance Sunday. Why? Because I’ve seen the results.

5. Use Twitter search.

If you’re not familiar with how to do this, click here. It is simple and free.

6. Focus on building a culture of “being bringers.”

Talk about it from the stage. Use chalk art and literally have people write about it on the sidewalks and in the parking lots. Pump it on social media. Drop a line about being a bringer before you get off the phone with a church member. Weave it into daily activities of pouring into church members. #BeABringer!

7. Have a high attendance Sunday.

If you read my content regularly, then you know I’m a big fan of high attendance Sundays. The easiest way to do this is by following Them Rainer’s “Invite Your One” strategy. It is simple and effective. Dr. Rainer and I talk about it here.

8. Enhance your leadership recruiting and development.

My team and I are about to start using Trained Up to move our leadership development to another level. Click here to see a system I’ve developed for recruiting, training, and organizing volunteers.

9. Reassess your assimilation process of prospects into full-fledged members.

What do you and your team do to transition a first-time guest into a member of the church who serves and gives? Now is a good time to look at every step in that process and assess if there are any weak links in your system. Literally write down every step of how you assimilate someone, then think through what areas are strong and which ones are weak. Here is a step-by-step way to assimilate people.

10. Use individualized strategies of reaching out to members and guests on their social media.

I plan on writing an entire blog post about this, but allow me to briefly explain what I mean: Look at a cluster of members, then look up their social media account(s), then send them a message of encouragement. It’ll go a long way.

If you do these ten things, they will equate to moving the church you serve to another level. Have any additional ideas? Let me know in the comment section below.

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