Facebook Ads Are Undervalued Church Growth Tools

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We recently had a “high attendance” day at Church of the Highlands, where I serve as pastor. It was awesome! We packed out the church so much that we ran out of chairs in one of our services. People were standing around the back of the building.

In the days following, I’ve called every guest, and consistently asked the question, “What led you to come to our church?” After personal invitations (word of mouth), the next most common reason people came is because they saw one of our Facebook ads.

The tension is real, and awkward, pertaining to looking at the business side of local church ministry. When it comes to spending advertising dollars, what is producing results of people actually coming to the church? Here are some options we all have:

  • Invite Cards
  • Social Media Ads (most commonly—Facebook)
  • Billboards
  • TV/Radio Ads
  • Signs in Peoples’ Yards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Direct Mail

When you look at the list above, there are two options that are undervalued—invite cards and Facebook ads. When we look back, decades from now, we will be in awe that Facebook ads were so inexpensive.

You can target your audience down to every nitty gritty detail you desire. You can decide to target single moms who love the color pink on the east side of Chappaqua, NY.

AdWeek.com says Facebook ads are undervalued as much as 30%. CNBC says that Facebook video is the best ad buy for your money right now.

Merely due to results I’ve seen (anecdotally), and key viewers of market trends tell us that what you need to do right now, to drive results of more first-time guests at your church, is print a bunch of invite cards and run a boat load of Facebook ads. Find money anywhere you can, and run some ads, preferably video Facebook ads.

You can learn more about why and how to run Facebook ads for your church by clicking here. Do you have any additional thoughts on the undervaluation of Facebook ads? Let me know in the comment section below.

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