Ep 42: Eric Geiger

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In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Eric Geiger. Serving as VP of LifeWay’s Resources Division and as Senior Pastor of ClearView Baptist Church in suburban Nashville (Franklin, TN), Eric is a major writer, speaker, and overall leader in evangelicalism. Eric is married to Kaye, and has two daughters, Eden and Evie.
Dr. Geiger and Jeremy discuss time management, leadership, and the “simple church” approach to ministry structure and discipleship.
  1. You have a unique setup, vocationally. You serve both as a VP at LifeWay and as Senior Pastor of Clearview Baptist Church. How do you structure your life do be able to serve both roles with excellence?
  2. You’re obviously very skilled at time management. What are some key ways you manage your time?
  3. You and Thom Rainer co-authored Simple Church, and it is one of my favorite books. For our listeners who aren’t familiar with it, what is that book about?
  4. How have you been able to implement the simple church approach to ministry and discipleship in your ministry at Clearview?
  5. You’re a part of the LifeWay Leadership Pipeline Conference coming up October 12-14. What are you most excited about for this conference?

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