Ep 41: Jason K. Allen, Ph.D.

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In this interview, Jeremy interviews Dr. Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. They discuss education (now and in the future), the college bubble, online education, and evangelism.


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Interview Questions:
  1. MBTS is one of the fastest-growing seminaries in the country. To what do you attribute the growth?
  2. There is a growing trend, being led heavily by Mark Cuban, that the college bubble is bursting. What are your thoughts on this and it’s impact on seminaries?
  3. Online education is revolutionizing academia. What are your general thoughts pertaining to online education?
  4. I just saw a chart that Dr. Chuck Kelley put together about how the SBC has been in a precipitous decline in evangelism since 1999. What are your thoughts about how to see this turn around?

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