Ep 20: Justin Dean

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In this episode, Jeremy interviews Justin Dean. Justin serves as the founder of the Doxa Media Group, and formerly served as the media/PR/Communications director at Mars Hill Church, under Mark Driscoll. Justin and Jeremy discuss what it was like to work for Mark Driscoll and what happened as Mars Hill imploded. Also, they discuss how churches deal with PR, marketing, digital media, and branding.

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  1. You served as the communications director at Mars Hill Church, under Mark Driscoll. What was that experience like?
  2. Broad question: What was it like to work for Mark Driscoll?
  3. What have you learned from the death of Mars Hill Church?
  4. Let’s shift gears and talk about what you’re doing now. What is the Doxa Media Group, and what do you do?
  5. What are some basic things churches can do to take their communications strategy to another level?
  6. What are the keys to an amazing church website?
  7. When it comes to social media for churches, what key things should church leaders keep in mind?
  8. What is the future of church communications?

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