Ep 50: Jordan Easley

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Jordan Easley, Senior Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. They discuss Intergenerational Ministry, Pastoring with a Pastor Emeritus, Multisite, and Church Growth
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  1. Englewood is known as a church that is thoroughly intergenerational. How do you do this so effectively?
  2. The legendary pastor of Englewood for decades is Dr. Phil Jett. You and he work really closely together. What are some keys to pastoring a church with the retired pastor still an active part of the ministry?
  3. You have served on staff with some amazing pastors: Jack Graham, Edwin Young, Charles Stanley, and David Landrith. What are some key things you learned from this unique experience?
  4. You were the multisite strategist at Second Baptist Houston and Long Hollow, and you’ve led Englewood from one campus to three in a short period of time. What are some keys about multisite ministry?
  5. Englewood has grown a lot under your tenure. What are some main principles of church growth you think can  be implemented by our listeners?

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