Ep 59: Marty Duren

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Marty Duren, Executive Editor and Marketing Manager at LifeWay Christian Resources. Jeremy and Marty discuss culture, the digital world, and internet church.
  1. On your website, you stated the following, “Christianity in the United States has become a sub-culture with its own language, customs and secret handshakes.” I couldn’t have said it any better. What are your general thoughts on the sub-culture that is American Christianity?
  2. You host a podcast, The Fourth Estate, where (amongst other things) you talk about how the media or websites seek to deceive people. How did you get into this particular passion?
  3. You have experienced a major career shift from pastoring for 25 years to working full-time in the digital space. You oversee a lot of social media accounts, write a lot, and live online. How has that shift gone for you?
  4. You write about culture every single day. What are your thoughts on the cultural direction of America and the role of Christians within the culture?
  5. Since you are so heavily involved in the online world, what are your thoughts on internet churches or internet campuses?

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