Six Ideas to Change A Church’s Culture

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There are three legs on which a church growth strategy is built: the church’s leadership team, culture, and systems. In this post, let’s focus on culture. All six ideas have two key traits interlaced throughout them: excellence and intentionality.


Here are six ideas to change a church’s culture:


  1. Reverse Engineering


Envision what you want the church’s culture to look like, then reverse engineer how to make it happen. For example, if you want it to have a vibe of being an intellectually astute culture (maybe at a church on a high level college campus), then the environment would need to be sterile, staff would need to be well-educated, etc.


  1. Relationship Building


As you seek to change the church’s culture, building relationships with people is huge! Leaders can’t change an organization’s culture without having relational change with which to work.


  1. Dress Code


The way you dress affects the culture of the church. If you dress in a sloppy manner, chances are greater you will lead a sloppy church. If you are sharp in the way you dress, the ministry is more likely to be crisp.


I know this may sound shallow. However, it is reality.


  1. Trust


This requires time. Trust is built slowly and lost quickly. As you build trust, it will result in a healthier culture that is safe instead of one trying to find things wrong with leadership at every turn.


  1. Church Atmosphere


You may initially see “church atmosphere” and think that is a synonymous phrase for “church culture,” but they’re different. I’m talking about the aesthetics and vibe of the church . . . the atmosphere you create.


Where I serve as pastor, our campus used to be a children’s camp. It is built to be a fun place. We leverage that by having campfires in cold weather months, as people enter our campus, complete with s’mores. We have a horse ministry, so we bring the horses over by the main church buildings for kids to ride. This is all a part of the atmosphere to create a unique vibe for our church family.


I’ve had plenty of ideas that flopped in ministry, but this was a good one. The atmosphere has contributed to our growth . . . especially the return of first-time guests.


  1. Leadership Development


A team of well-developed leaders toward a unified mission can change a church’s culture like few other things. As you train your people where you want them to go and step-by-step plans of how to get there, you develop a culture of high quality church ministry.


As was said at the beginning of this post, there are three legs on which a church growth strategy is built: the church’s leadership team, culture, and systems. This post should help you with your culture. If you want to move to another level in your systems, you can go to my home page and get a free resource I’ve written, Simple Church Systems: How to Move People from Where They Are to Where God Wants Them.


Have any additional thoughts, specifically pertaining to changing a church’s culture? Let me know in the comment section below.


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