Ep 74: Jason Crandall

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Jason Crandall. Jason is a husband, dad, church planter (CityView Church, Pearland, TX), and author. Jeremy and Jason discuss church planting, and especially Jason’s new book, Proliferate.
  1. Give us a little background on your life and ministry. For those not familiar with Dr. Jason Crandall, where are you from, what is your family like, and what do you do?
  2. You planted CityView Church in Pearland, TX several years ago. What has that experience been like?
  3. You started a church planting ministry called CityView collective. What is that about?
  4. You recently released an amazing book, Proliferate: A Church Planting Strategy for Everyday Churches. There are plenty of church planting books out there. What is unique about yours?

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