Ep 51: Brandon Cox

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Brandon Cox, pastor and church planter of Grace Hills Church in Bentonville, AR and Editor for Pastors.com. Jeremy and Brandon discuss church planting, coaching, Pastors.com, and blogging.
Connect with Brandon Cox online:
  1. In 2011 you planted Grace Hills Church in beautiful Bentonville, AR. What has that journey been like (struggles and victories)?
  2. You serve as a coach to leaders, pastors, and church planters. Coaching is becoming more and more popular. What do you actually do when you coach someone?
  3. You serve as Editor and Online Community Facilitator for Pastors.com. I love that site! What are some key things you’ve learned in this role?
  4. You blog consistently and have built quite an audience. What are some major tips you can share about blogging?
  5. You have the privilege of serving with Rick Warren, and used to serve at Saddleback Church on campus in Orange County, CA. What are some of your favorite things about serving with Rick Warren?

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