A Practical Checklist for Pastors to Leave A Church Well

This past Sunday, I concluded my tenure as lead pastor of Church of the Highlands in Chattanooga, TN. I worked hard to leave the church well, and a key to it was following the checklist I developed.


If you’re about to leave a church, I hope this practical checklist will help you to do it with excellence:


  • Write out your weekly responsibilities. Think through every little detail of what you do in a typical week, and write it down. Someone needs to cover these bases after you leave.
  • List all of the vendors the church uses and their contact information.
  • List all projects the church has in motion and the contact information for all parties involved.
  • List all usernames and passwords related to the church.
  • Explain outstanding issues in the church that need to be addressed, along with details and contact information of people who should handle them.
  • Provide personnel details of which others in leadership may need to be aware.
  • Create a list, complete with contact information, of people who could fill the pulpit.
  • Look through the church’s constitution and bylaws, and provide pertinent information relating to the pastor search process to the church, and especially to the church leadership.


I am about to begin my tenure as lead pastor of Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Taylors, SC, and can’t wait to serve these wonderful people of God. It helps me to focus on Brushy Creek knowing that all bases are covered now that I’ve transitioned away from my former church.

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