4 Keys to Applicable Leadership Development

Leaders are people who develop leaders. Its amazing how, as time has progressed and technology has improved, leadership development has evolved. Even moving forward the next few months, my team and I are making some tweaks to how we develop leaders.   So, what are some keys to you taking the leaders in your church to the next level?   more »

The Difference Between Transactional and Transformational Relationships

I’ve noticed an interesting sociological truth in my 5 ½ years pastoring the same church. The longer one pastors a church, relationships become less transactional and more transformational. What is the difference?   TRANSACTIONAL A transactional relationship focuses on short-term thoughts of immediate smoothness and health. It is the idea of “I will do something for you, and you will, more »

The Dichotomy of Offline vs. Online Relationships

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You walk through the hallways of your office, school, or church, and people start talking to you in great depth about something you or someone else posted on social media. They express their thoughts, through their conversation, as if you said those things directly to them or around them, and you thought it more »

Church Growth Idea: Search for White Space in Your Community and Fill It

Imagine you’re an artist. A canvas is before you. Your calling is to dip your brush onto the pallet and make every crevice of the canvas as beautiful as you can make it. By the time you’re done, beauty beams from the painting.   Now, look at the church your serve and the community in which she is located. What more »

Ep 91: Rod Martin (Technology and the Future, Entrepreneurialism in Local Church Ministry)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Rod Martin. Rod is an entrepreneur, futurist, and philosopher capitalist who loves Jesus and thinks strategically about the present and future of ministry for God’s glory. Jeremy and Rod discuss Rod’s thoughts on the SBC, technology and the future, and entrepreneurialism in local church ministry.   INTERVIEW QUESTIONS For those not familiar with Rod Martin, what is your background? You more »

A Step-by-Step Explanation of How to Build A Video Studio

Recently, I announced that I’m making some significant changes to my online ministry. A major part of this shift is moving into a heavier emphasis of producing video content in order to equip people in the areas of church growth, creativity, leadership, and vision. In order to move more heavily into video, I’m building a video studio (it is not more »

A Practical Way to Use Instagram to See Church Growth

Instagram has arisen as the second-largest social media tool. Despite its size and popularity, it is the most difficult to “hack.”   Nathan Chann, from Foundr Magazine, shares some amazing stats about Instagram:   Instagram has more than 400 million active users around the world. That’s A LOT of people. In the US alone, there are 64 million active users, more »

Ep 90: Scott Magdalein (Training Volunteers and Moving Them to the Next Level)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Scott Magdalein, the founder of TrainedUp. This amazing website, TrainedUp, is now a sponsor for The Jeremy Roberts Leadership Podcast! Go to the site, look around at the videos, and sign up today! Also, don’t forget to let them know that I sent you their way. 😉   Scott and I interact about training volunteers, more »

Key Changes I’m Making to My Online Ministry

This is an abnormal post for me to write. Typically, I try to keep the focus on church growth, creativity, leadership, and vision. This post is for the purpose of expressing some changes I am making to more effectively reach people via JeremyRoberts.org and the other online strategies that spoke from this online hub.   I usually try really hard more »

Ep 89: Greg Stier (evangelism, the state of Christianity amongst America’s youth, and how to leverage the internet for evangelism and evangelism training)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Greg Stier. Greg leads Dare 2 Share, an evangelism ministry geared toward America’s youth. Jeremy and Greg discuss the evangelism, the state of Christianity amongst America’s youth, and how to leverage the internet for evangelism and evangelism training.   INTERVIEW QUESTIONS For those not familiar with Greg Stier, what is your background? Greg, you had 25,000 teenagers more »