Facebook Ads Are Undervalued Church Growth Tools

You can LISTEN to this episode by scrolling to the bottom of this post or via iTunes.   We recently had a “high attendance” day at Church of the Highlands, where I serve as pastor. It was awesome! We packed out the church so much that we ran out of chairs in one of our services. People were standing around more »

5 Areas of Mental Toughness for Pastors

You can LISTEN to this episode by scrolling to the bottom of this post or via iTunes. Being a leader, in general, requires toughness. Being a pastor, in particular, requires it. A pastor is to have the heart of Jesus and the hide of a rhinoceros.   In a few months, I will have been out of Southwestern Seminary for more »

Ep 94: Mark Clark (systems for seeing a church move to another level)

LISTEN to this episode of the podcast by either scrolling to the bottom of this post, or check it out via iTunes. While you’re on iTunes, RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast. _ In this episode, Jeremy interviews Mark Clark. Mark is the founding and lead pastor of Village Church in Vancouver. Jeremy and Mark discuss church growth, the state more »

What Kind of Friend Are You? Teammate, Cellmate, or Soulmate?

You can LISTEN to an audio version of this post by scrolling to the bottom. Also, feel free to subscribe on iTunes. Multiple companies exist, employing huggers who charge $20-$60 per hour to give purely platonic hugs. The website, RentAFriend, allows people to “rent a friend” for $23 per hour. People are searching for some sort of friendship.   A more »

What Driverless Cars Mean for the Future of Churches

As a 33-year-old, a strange thought is that my (future) grandchildren will realistically never have to drive. If the Lord tarries, at the end of my ministry, a new opportunity will open up for churches: More time will be given to families thanks to a lack of human drivers.   DRIVERLESS CARS   This sounds like old-fashioned science fiction. This, more »

Ep 93: Jeremy Wallace (Living the Mission)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Dr. Jeremy Wallace. Dr. Wallace is the pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church in Charleston, SC. The two Jeremy’s (LOL) team up to discuss how to be a more missional person and missional church. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS For those not familiar with Dr. Jeremy Wallace, what is your background? You have a major passion for seeing church leaders more »

Why and How I Write & Publish Entire Sermon Series Before Preaching Them

  About one year ago, I developed a plan for how I would begin writing and publishing entire sermon series before preaching them. It took me nine months to get to the point of accomplishing this.   WHY?   I decided to move into this direction because I have been a lead pastor since 2008, I have always written my more »

10 Lessons I’ve Learned After Writing Exactly 1,000 Blog Posts

Yay! I’ve now written 1,000 blog posts. Since most of my posts average 550 words, I’ve written approximately 550,000 words. It is hard to believe I’ve written that much content over the years, and I’m so grateful to God for His favor to allow this.   Here are ten lessons I’ve learned after writing 1,000 blog posts:   Consistency is more »

5 Ideas to Overcome the Christian Cocoon

As a pastor, I have to work hard to be around non-Christians consistently. A large majority of my friends are Christians. When I go to work, as a pastor, I am around Christians all day, every day.   In order to be around lost people, I have to be really intentional. Otherwise, I’d be out of touch and not evangelize more »

Ep 92: Holly Tate (New School Church Staffing and Inbound Marketing)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Holly Tate. Holly is the Director of Business Development at Vanderbloemen Search Group. Jeremy and Holly discuss new school church staffing and inbound marketing. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS For those not familiar with Holly Tate, what is your background? I recently read your boss, William Vanderbloemen, put the following on Facebook: “If we end up being a long term more »