Pray When Your Perspective Becomes Different

Amos, this layman from Tekoa who lived in isolation, was a seer.  The very Hebrew word for “prophet” means “seer.”  This rural, rustic, bucolic, sheep-keeping, sycamore-fruit-pitching layman from Tekoa, as unlikely of a person as you could find, had a vision.  He saw what others could not see.   If we pray intensely, it is because we feel deeply, and more »

7 Keys for Pastors to Lead Well

Leadership is a topic we hear discussed often, but it easily gets complicated. People earn PhDs on the very topic. It has gotten a bit muddy, though. So much talk about it has resulted in the word meaning less and less. Let’s get back to it causing some meaning.   What are some basic keys for pastors, in particular, to more »

Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, On Religion, Life, and Conscience

TAYLORS, South Carolina — Dr. Jeremy Roberts, pastor of Brushy Creek Baptist Church, issues the following response to the presidential nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States: Yesterday, I preached from Amos 5, and addressed the twelfth verse, which deals with the need for integrity from judges. I implored our congregation to pray for more »

When God’s People Become Irresponsible, the Only Response is Judgment

Amos’ listeners did not like this message any more than a contemporary man would like it.  They said, “Amos, you sheep-keeping, rural peasant, go back.  We’ve got our view on these things.  God has guaranteed us immunity because we are His people.  God has promised us rescue.”  So, Amos pictures them as they dally around on their overstuffed high horses more »