3 Super Applicable Ways Our Church is Evangelizing

As a church leader, aren’t you always looking for ways to reach people? Of course, churches that want to be evangelistic often face the philosophical tension of whether to take a more attractional (big events), missional (servant-oriented), or relational (invest/invite approach).   At Church of the Highlands, where I serve as lead pastor, we are not really stuck on any more »

5 Church Growth Reminders You Can Implement Today

Sometimes it is good to be reminded of the basics in whatever area of leadership you serve. If you want to see your church grow, there are a few key things that must happen. Let me give you five of them:   Evangelism. Plain and simple.   If you’re not sharing the Gospel with people, you simply won’t grow. Sure, more »

ESPN and The Wall Street Journal Told Me Your Church Might Die Soon

Maybe the headline is a bit hyperbolic, but your church definitely might start going downhill soon, if you follow the lead of ESPN and The Wall Street Journal. It is hard to point to a precise time, but my loyalty to the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” (ESPN) has waned considerably in recent years. The increased liberal leaning of a sports more »

Sermon Recap: Are you missing the point?

In today’s message, Are you missing the point?, I explained the story of Jesus talking with Nicodemus about how following Jesus is more than just a way to learn how to have a better life, but it is instead a way to have completely new life.   As you go throughout your week, use the Message Action Plan below to help put the more »

7 Reasons Why Sunday Mornings Are Your Most Common Time for Marital Quarrels

Marriages seem to face weird times of pressure on Sunday mornings. My family is no exception. As a pastor’s kid, I experienced this, and now as a pastor, I experience it. I hear about it often.   Families, especially married couples, argue and don’t get along at all, then they pull into the church parking lot while putting on their more »

5 Lessons Learned in 5 Years at the Same Church

This past weekend, I celebrated five years as lead pastor of Church of the Highlands in Chattanooga, TN. Charity and I are so grateful for these five wonderful years.   Thom Rainer writes that the breakout years for most pastorates are after years 5 to 7. So, I look forward to what is in store in the near future.   more »

Sermon Recap: Where is your passion for God?

In today’s message, Where is your passion for God?, I explained the story of Jesus running the moneychangers out of the temple in Jerusalem.   As you go throughout your week, use the Message Action Plan below to help put the things you learned into practice and immediate application. Here are some key things to remember from this morning’s message: Where is Your more »

How to Livestream Your Church Services On Facebook with Excellence

Stats . . .   Facebook Live is exploding in growth. Video content on Facebook is taking over the world’s most popular social media site. Here are a few key stats for you, regarding Facebook and video:[1]   Facebook Videos Posts Have Increased By 94% Annually In U.S. 2. Total Potential Facebook Video Viewing Audience: 1.71 Billion Monthly Active Users more »

5 International Church Growth Tips That Would Work in America

I’ve been blessed to preach on five continents. All over the world, it is fascinating to see how different churches operate. The tips I’ve learned, and am sharing below, are found in some American churches, but I’ve found are much more common internationally. Take these tips, apply them, and enjoy the fruit that eventually grows. 1. Deploy an obsessive prayer more »

Sermon Recap: Do you have to see it to believe it?

In today’s message, Do you have to see it to believe it?, I explained how Jesus turned water into wine. This story presents a simple explanation of how to have restored joy in your walk with God. Since you know this, how will you live?   As you go throughout your week, use the Message Action Plan below to help put the things more »