3 Reasons Your Staff Meetings Are Boring, and How to Fix Them

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Meetings. Yawn. The word, in and of itself, evokes feelings of boredom. After all, most of us have heard of the concept of death by meeting.


I’m writing this article from the perspective as a lead pastor who leads staff meetings in a local church context. The principles outlined below are applicable to people in the church and para-church worlds alike. Furthermore, they’re even applicable to the non-profit and for-profit worlds alike.


So, are your staff meetings boring? Here are three reasons why this is the case, and how to fix them . . .


  1. Your meetings are not needed.


Why do you meet if you don’t need to do so? Just because you always meet at the same time every week? If you can work out details via email, then why not just do it that way and save yourselves some time?


How do you fix this?


Assess the meetings you have set up to take place on a weekly basis. Purposefully observe the agenda and conversations in your weekly meetings. Can you move any of them to bi-monthly or monthly?


Another option is to start having stand-up meetings. Yes, I mean you literally stand the entire meetings. This forces them to become shorter because people don’t want to stand for a long time.

Try having stand-up meetings. This forces them to become shorter because people don’t want to stand for a long time. (click to tweet)


  1. Your meetings are rote.


You do the same things at the same times every week. You don’t do them out of necessity, but more so out of the ritual of the weekly meeting. This is pointless. And its boring.


How do you fix this?


Look at what you do in your meetings. Why do you do them? Because they’re necessary or because you’ve always done things this way? A simple solution here is to throw away the typical agenda and start over afresh. Its good to do this every once in a while.


  1. Your meetings rarely celebrate victories.


If you focus way more on numbers and charts, and less on celebrating how lives were changed, your staff meetings will serve as boring gatherings instead of celebratory parties. I understand that there is a time to look over the minutia of numbers, however it is easy to go overboard with data while overlooking changed lives.


How do you fix this?


Build celebrations into your staff meetings. Recognize the way lives have been changed. High five. Throw parties. Smile. My team and I have thrown all kinds of parties, and they’re some of the most productive times we’ve ever had.




Today, will you approach your staff meetings with a new perspective? Will you apply some of these tips to move your team to another level? Application is so much better than theory. Apply this post to your team today. You’ll be glad you did.


Have any additional thoughts on how to improve staff meetings? Let me know in the comment section below.

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